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By Logan Timmins

Just as a business person or executive should not accept an unclear, incomplete, or unproven business proposal, founder of Xecu-Fit, James Robinson, believes that no one should accept an untested or unproven fitness training regimen either. It makes sense. If you have a particular fitness goal, shouldn’t you know and trust the plan before you invest your time, energy and money?

As a lifetime fitness devotee and a successful businessman, Mr. Robinson recognized the need for a proven, trusted, and scientific approach to health and wellness in an industry full of hype and misinformation. He is passionate about helping people to get fit and bringing the community a guaranteed method to achieve their fitness goals. It is in that spirit that he designed a gym that would deliver proven, top-of-the-line, executive style service and fitness training at affordable prices…and hence, Xecu-Fit was born.

DSC_3720Many people have the desire to be fit and lead healthy, active lives. The trouble that they run into, though, is the inability to find a health and wellness program that works for them. They try many methods, but often can’t seem to get where they are trying to go. It can be quite a disheartening experience for their hard efforts, endless hours, and financial investment to go to waste. Xecu-Fit is now here to put an end to that.

Mr. Robinson has created something that he believes “doesn’t exist under one roof anywhere else.” That’s a bold statement, but a tour of his facility and an explanation of his operations confirm it. With the help of fitness director, Jay Cooper, Xecu-Fit provides the community with a revolutionary approach to fitness. Using methods that are quantifiable and scientifically proven, they have certainly put their money where their mouth is.

In an industry that is often driven by “pseudoscience, generalizations, and fads,” as Mr. Cooper puts it, it’s no wonder that so many people are confused about how to best nourish and train their bodies. Xecu-Fit is the answer. If you want results, you are willing to work toward them, but all you’re missing is a surefire strategy, then Xecu-Fit was created for you. Mr. Robinson says that in creating Xecu-Fit, his aim was to provide the most scientifically proven & quantified methods towards achieving a desired physical result.” He’s done it. The personal training and custom-made meal plans that Xecu-Fit can provide are backed by science and will deliver the results you are after.

DSC_3502Unlike other gyms and health clubs, Xecu-Fit utilizes a method of training that Cooper describes as “projected, formulated, forecasted, and periodically assessed” to assure progression occurs, as it should. “There’s no guesswork, ambiguity, or blind-faith,” Cooper said. “Every thread woven from every segment of what we do is research-driven and calculated to elicit specific adaptations. What’s uniquely different about my training is that it is deeply rooted in peer-reviewed, solid, sports and exercise science.”

Another distinctive factor in Xecu-Fit’s success is the commitment to the staff. Working with a well-educated trainer is imperative to a person achieving their fitness goals. Knowing this, Mr. Robinson only employs college-degreed, current nationally certified personal trainers and trains them all extensively in the unique methodology under which Xecu-Fit operates. He also understands that in order to have the best staff, he has to create the best work environment. The employees at Xecu-Fit are well compensated for their outstanding work and service. But more importantly, Robinson has greatly emphasized his commitment to helping the staff members to meet their own goals as professionals. “One of the first things I did was sit down with my employees to learn their professional dreams in the fitness industry,” he said. “It DSC_3548became my personal objective to create a model that gave each individual a chance to attain those goals.” Mr. Robinson has integrated his employee’s motivations as “part of his business model,” and in turn, they are fulfilled in helping their clients to progress. “From my fitness director to my front desk staff, my focus is in helping my employees grow and pursue their passions,” says Mr. Robinson. Genuinely invested in the success of his employees, Mr. Robinson promises that “Xecu-Fit is an incredible organization to work with and will empower you toward your unique ambitions.”

Xecu-Fit is well armed to take fitness to the next level. State-of-the-art equipment makes it the ultimate environment to strength train. Additionally, the ultramodern, state of the art medical equipment and technology at Xecu-Fit is capable of tracking important quantifiable data as you progress through your personalized program. Mr. Cooper explained that unlike a weight scale, this technology can accurately assesses the physical changes taking place in your body. In turn, they can determine exactly what adjustments should be made to your training or your diet in order to reach your specific goal. “Body re-composition and body remodeling is so client-specific. You really can’t paint with a broad brush or say, ‘one size fits all,” said Cooper. “This tool gives us the ability to assess your program and if it’s working, or whether your dietary intake is what it should be.  Because we have this incredible resource, we are able to make measurable progress in reasonable time…every time.”

A personalized and well-formulated training regimen produces progress that is calculated and predicted with astounding accurateness. Many of Cooper’s clients have beheld results that they never thought possible because the guesswork has been eliminated. Instead, clients have a clear understanding of the next steps toward their goals at all times, and with this comes a sense of empowerment to continue.

Xfit1Empowering people is precisely what Robinson set out to do when he created Xecu-Fit, and he is passionately committed to that mission. “Your mission statement should come from your heart and your soul as a business owner,” Robinson said. “It should be part of who you are and something that you are consistently following with no deviation from it whatsoever. This is my vision, my personal goal, and my life.” Xecu-Fit’s chief aim is educate the community about fitness and give them the tools they need to succeed. It does not matter where you start. Anyone, no matter what level of fitness or athletic background can realize results at Xecu-Fit. Robinson’s philosophy: “Fitness is the fairest and most honest thing. No matter your age, gender, ethnicity, or athleticism, if you know what to do, and you put in the work, you will have results.”

If what you want is true physical change, backed by science and quantified results, then Xecu-Fit is the place for you. Delivering scientifically proven, executive-style service at affordable prices, Xecu-Fit is here to help you.  Stop by the open house on grand opening day, March 7th from 11am-2pm for more information!

Xecu-Fit is located at 17300 Saturn Ln. Suite 108, Houston TX 77058 and can be contacted by phone at (832) 224-4016, by email at results@xecu-fit.com or visited online at xecu-fit.com

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