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Economic Alliance Houston Port Region hosts legislative wrap-up


From left, Dr. Brenda Hellyer (Chairman of the Board, Economic Alliance Houston Port Region),
Rep. Ana Hernandez-Luna, Rep. John Davis, Sen. Sylvia Garcia, Rep. Ed Thompson, Sen. Larry Taylor, Rep. Mary Ann Perez, Rep. Harold Dutton Jr., Chad Burke (President & CEO Economic Alliance Houston Port Region).

On August 28, state senators, Sylvia Garcia and Larry Taylor, along with six state representatives: Ed Thompson, Wayne Smith, John Davis, Harold Dutton Jr., Ana Hernandez-Luna, and Mary Ann Perez, took to the stage at the San Jacinto Community College North Campus for the Economic Alliance Legislative Wrap-up.

Nearly 150 attendees from industry, educational institutions, government entities, and non-profits enjoyed a light repast provided by the San Jacinto Culinary Arts program as the state legislators shared highlights, victories, and shared ongoing concerns from the 83rd Legislative session.

High points included the passing of House Bill 5, an educational reform bill aimed at meeting future workforce demands by providing education for careers requiring technical skills starting in high school, and the renewal of Chapter 313 of the Texas Tax Code which allows school districts to offset tax costs while encouraging investment in the region. Other important issues that were identified as needing additional work in the next legislative session were: water rights, transportation issues, and infrastructure needs. These leaders affirmed their commitment to continuing to work together to address these concerns going forward. Partisan politics were set aside during the 83rd Legislative session as Republicans worked alongside Democrats to deliver the best results for this region. This cooperation was noted by one of the attendees who stated:  “My compliments to our legislators for working across party lines to the benefit of our region and state. Thank you for demonstrating regard to your colleagues. You make us proud.”

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