Why am I always so tired?

sleepyDo you often go through the day feeling sleepy or sluggish, even after a full night’s rest? Like many people, you probably have blamed it on your addiction to morning coffee or find yourself picking up a Red Bull or other caffeine packed energy drink when fueling up on the way to work. You probably tried to go to bed earlier and experimented with various over the counter mild sleep aid medications. You might have even changed your mattress to a more “body contour friendly” foam that promised you a great night sleep. Yet, you still can’t seem to find your Mojo in the morning. What seems to be missing?

The Problem
While it’s not possible to establish a diagnosis without a doctor’s visit, there are a few things that come to mind. Many things can cause you to be sleepy and have a lack of energy. Did you know that the most common reason for being sleepy is due to partial blockages of airway while you sleep? This condition is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Constricted airways deprive your body of receiving an adequate amount of oxygen. While being overweight and snoring loudly can suggest this diagnosis, sleep apnea can be found even in people without these risk factors. Sadly, the most common side effect of sleep apnea, the nightly snoring, has forced many loving couples to sleep in separate bedrooms. So, why don’t most people get properly diagnosed?

A Bit of History
Traditionally a definite diagnosis requires a couple of nights either at a hospital or sleep disorder lab (with a bunch of things attached to your skull and forehead) that is reviewed by a sleep medicine doctor. That is a tall order for a bit of snoring and morning tiredness. The inconvenience and financial commitment required unfortunately has led many potential sleep deprived patients to either delay or avoid the proper diagnosis all together and resort to self-medication of mega doses of caffeine and sugar. Statistical analysis suggests that 90 percent of people who have sleep apnea go undiagnosed. Many others who are diagnosed and have received a CPAP, don’t use them because they are so bulky and constricting. Many others complain about nasal irritation due to constant “positive pressure” air being pumped into their nostrils (versus natural passive inhalation). It’s also safe to assume those who use CPAP, do it reluctantly. Long story short, if you own a CPAP and don’t use it or are not using it often, you are not alone.

A New Solution
Lack of a practical solution and costly diagnosis has led to continuing search for a better solution. In recent years a surprisingly simple and effective solution was offered by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine in the form of an oral appliance therapy similar to a night guard. The idea was first presented in the 90s and authenticated over the next decade. It involves a simple sleep test — conducted in your own bed for a couple of nights — which is then sent to a board certified sleep medicine physician for final diagnosis. In the meantime, your sleep medicine trained dentist will evaluate the soundness of your dentition for wearing the appliance at night. When both sleep medicine physician and dentist approve you as a candidate who can benefit from this amazing therapy, your sleep medicine trained dentist will prescribe you an oral device to wear at night that will double as an anti-snoring and anti-grinding device. The news gets even better. Since the effectiveness of these oral appliances have been established, your medical insurance, as well as Medicare, will cover nearly all cost of this treatment.
You don’t have to suffer from morning tiredness and interrupted sleep anymore. I have partnered with the largest sleep apnea network of professionals and physicians in the country to bring this brilliantly simple and effective solution to Southeast Houston residents.

To find out if you are a candidate, please call our office at 281-332-4700 or go to our website at www.drnoie.com to schedule a complimentary consultation with me. This new anti-snoring/anti-grinding device can change the quality of your life and your daily productivity in a simple and affordable way!

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