Voters face many decisions May 11

By Mary Alys Cherry

voteVoters from one end of the Bay Area to the other will head to the polls Saturday, May 11, to elect several mayors and city councilors, school board trustees and to decide the Clear Creek ISD bond referendum. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Early voting started April 29 and continues until May 7.

In most instances, both early voting and voting on Election Day in municipal elections will be at each town’s city hall. However, this does not apply in all cities, so voters should visit their city’s website or contact their city officials to determine polling places.

Early voting in the CCISD elections to fill two trustee seats and vote on the proposed $367 million bond referendum to rebuild and upgrade dozens of schools will be held at Clear Lake Intermediate, 2903 Falcon Pass in Clear Lake City; Clear Brook High at 4607 FM 2351, Friendswood; and Clear Creek Intermediate at 2451 E. Main St. in League City.

In order to reach more voters, CCISD is holding early voting at each of its schools at least one day during the early voting period. Polling places for both early voting and Election Day are listed on the CCISD website.

Some cities such as Baytown, League City and Houston hold their city elections in November.

In some instances where candidates have no opposition, an election will not be held.

After the election, Taylor Lake Village’s City Council will have the job of filling the post of mayor following the April 2 death of Mayor-elect Lilian Norman Keeney.

(The Candidates)

Clear Creek ISD 

Dist. 1 – Gary Renola

Dist. 1 – John P. Hermann

Dist. 1 – Laura DuPont

At-Large B – Ann Hammond (i)

At-Large B – Nick Long

Pasadena ISD

Pos. 1 — Fred Roberts (i)

Pos. 2 – Mariselle Quijano-Lerma (i)

Pos. 3 – Nelda Sullivan (i)

Pos. 4 – Jack Bailey (i)

Pos. 5 – Wade Cook

Pos. 5 – Jerry Speer (i)

Deer Park ISD

Pos. 4 – Lynn Kirkpatrick (i)

Pos. 5 – Ken Donnell (i)

Dickinson ISD

Pos. 5 – Patty Halter (i)

Pos. 6 – J.T. Floyd (i)

Pos. 7 – Linda L. Butler (i)

Clear Lake Shores

Mayor — Vern Johnson (i)

Mayor – Anthony Berry

Council – Jan Bailey

Council – Debbie Smith

Council – Travis Croft

Council – Al Burns (i)

Deer Park

Mayor – Jeff Pound

Mayor – Jerry Mouton

Mayor – Larry Cernosek

Pos. 1 – Bennie Boles

Pos. 1 — Sherry Garrison

Pos. 2 – Thane Harrison (i)

Pos. 3 – Chris Richey


Pos. 2 – Bruce Henderson

Pos. 2 – Louis Gill

Pos. 4 – Mark Townsend (i)

Pos. 4 – Wally Deats

Pos. 6 – William H. King III (i)

Pos. 6 – Carol L. Dean

Pos. 6 – Greg Bridges

El Lago

Mayor — Robert White

Pos. 1 –  Robert Kumar

Pos. 2 –  Mitch Youts


Pos. 4 – Patrick J. McGinnis (i)

Pos. 4 – Jim Barr

Pos. 6 – Carl Gustafson

Pos. 6 – Tawni Slaughter


Mayor — Bob Cummins (i)

Mayor – Matt  Wiggins

Pos. 2 – Pat Buchanan (i)

Pos. 2 – Wanda Zimmer

Pos. 4 – Wayne Rast

Pos. 4 – Robin Collins

Nassau Bay

Pos. 1 – David Braun (i)

Pos. 3  – John P. Mahon

Pos. 5 – Jonathan Amdur (i)


Mayor — Johnny Isbell (i)

Mayor – Gilbert Pena

Dist. A – Ornaldo Ybarra (i)

Dist. A – Bruce Walters

Dist. B – Richard Serna

Dist. B – Bruce Leamon

Dist. B – Barbara Legler

Dist. C – Don Harrison (i)

Dist. C – Rick Guerrero

Dist. D — Pat Van Houte (i)

Dist. D – Ronald Whitley

Dist. E – Leroy Stanley (i)

Dist. E – Cody Ray Wheeler

Dist. F – Phil Cayten

Dist. G – Steve Cote

Dist. H – Darrell Morrison


Pos. 1 – Tony Carbone

Pos. 1 — Gary Moore

Pos. 1 — Quentin Wiltz

Pos. 5 – Greg Hill (i)

Pos. 5 – Yvonne Durba

Pos. 5 – Mark Solano

Taylor Lake Village

Mayor – Lilian Norman Keeney

Pos. 2 – Doug Blanchard

Pos. 2 – Mike Robertson

Pos. 4 – Einar Goerland


Pos. 3 – Mel Donehue (i)

Pos. 3 – Lawrence Tosto

Pos. 4 – Carlos Villagomez

Pos. 4 – Doug North

Pos. 5 – Natalie Dolan


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