Trunk Show: Creations by Nikki Lassiter featuring Blaine Beauty & Shehla Rana

By CoCo Critelli

Blaine Beauty participated in its first Trunk Show! As a new business, this is such an honorable step forward. Documenting her experience, Miss Houston Blaine Ochoa humbly answered a few questions for the magazine.

“What is a Trunk Show?”

A Trunk Show, also called a Trade show, is an event where vendors show their new products to a group of people, friends, and family along with an experience of human connection such as a cocktail party surrounded by beautiful products to admire together and purchase.

“Who hosted this event?”

Former Miss Texas, Nicole O’Brian Lassiter, hosted The Creations by Nikki Lassiter Trunk Show celebrating the arrival of the Spring Fashion Season. She displayed her beautiful handbag and accessory creations alongside Blaine Beauty’s make-up collection and Shehla Rana designs to showcase their businesses together. It was a lovely way to empower themselves and encourage others to start their own business as well. They invited friends and family to chat and shop at their trunk show. More about each business below.

“How did you meet Nicole O’Brian Lassiter, owner of Creations by Nikki Lassiter?”

Nicole is a close friend, mentor, and beauty pageant coach for Blaine Ochoa. Through the hard work and everything Nicole has taught Blaine, she cherishes the friendship they have. It has impacted their lives in many ways. Blaine explains, “I’ve actually known Nicole for 5 years now. She was actually my mentor and coach for my pageants. She’s trained me all the way from my first pageant until I won. [Miss Houston] She’s been a big inspiration and role model in my life. Throughout the years, I’ve seen her host many trunk shows. I’m excited and honored she invited me to be a part of it.”

“What propelled the vision of Blaine Beauty?”

“Honestly,” Blaine expressed, “I’ve been submerged in the beauty industry for about 10 years and I’ve just learned so much about the industry. Throughout the years, I’ve seen a lot of the good that it brings. I’ve learned how makeup can help empower people and bring out the best in me. Makeup boosts self-esteem and is a positive form of human expression.”

“About 2-3 years ago,” she continued to tell the story of Blaine Beauty, “a girlfriend of mine, Aubrie Layne, owner of Lucky Cat Beauty, named a lipstick after me as a part of the Texas Treasures Icons Collection.”

The “Blaine” Lipstick is a luxury matte true red lipstick. Facebook @luckycatbeauty

“So, I was honored to be part of her collection.” She continued, “I began to think about how I would love to sell these. I brought the idea to Aubrie, she was on board and it was an ongoing success! About, 6 months to a year after that, I was inspired to create my own cosmetics company, ‘Blaine Beauty.’ I just had such passion for it and I felt like I could help others through my business by donating to charities as well. I founded the company Spring 2020, then the pandemic hit. We safely persevered and came out with my first product in the fall of 2020. I’m excited to see it grow and celebrate Blaine Beauty soon-to-be sold at 3 locations this year!”

“Why is it important to you to participate in these Trunk Shows?”

“Well honestly, I love supporting other entrepreneurs and empowering each other. I think it’s beautiful how we can do this and lift each other up. Nicole is one of my best friends, I support her business and it’s fun to do business in this way. It’s a great experience to enjoy all of the beauty products as a collective and to be surrounded by supportive friends, family, and meet new people that are all like minded individuals. It’s so much fun and also a beautiful way to give back to the community through the profits we make individually.”

“What would you say to someone who wants to start a business?”

“If you’re passionate about something then go for it! Don’t let fear get in the way because you learn as you go. That’s something that has always been significant to me is to just start and to educate yourself to become very knowledgeable about whatever it way be. Most importantly, trust that you will learn as you go. So, I say do it. Go for it!”


Creations By Nikki Lassiter

Creations by Niki Lassiter started out when I was unable to find a handbag that matched a costume and decided to make my own. Since that time, I’ve been creating new bags and items weekly to share with others. As a person who struggles with multiple forms of autoimmune diseases, crafting has proved to be therapeutic for my invisible illnesses. I donate a portion of proceeds back to the Arthritis Foundation.

Facebook @creationsbynikilassiter

Shehla Rana Design Studio

Shehla Rana Design studio is based in Houston. Shehla’s goal is to put fun in functional Fashion. At Shehla Rana Design studio we know that looking stylish can make your whole day better, that’s why we are committed to being your source for newest trends. We design clothing you love, so you can focus on looking great.

Shehla’s collection is unique, elegant and one of a kind with beautifully hand -crafted embroidery and embellishments made with extra ordinary details by artisans  in Dubai. Visit our website

Facebook @Shehla Rana Design Studio

Blaine Beauty By Blaine Ochoa

Blaine Beauty’s purpose is to empower and elevate. Each product Blaine Beauty offers is uniquely and specially curated. Blaine Beauty was founded in 2020. Blaine Ochoa is no stranger to the beauty industry. She has always had a passion and appreciation for beauty and aesthetics. Blaine is an actress, singer, and the reigning Miss Houston USA 2019 & 2020. Blaine is also a published writer and columnist. Her column, Beauty with Blaine has been featured for magazines, radio, and has been seen on TV. Blaine wanted to utilize her expertise and knowledge of the beauty industry and create a cosmetics and skincare line that empowers women and men to be their most confident and feel their most beautiful. Blaine Beauty donates 10% of sales to child international relief efforts, including child hunger and education initiatives.

Facebook @blainebeautyofficial

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