Toyota Tundra 1794 and Chevy Silverado Review

By Don Armstrong

There was a time when trucks were purchased for towing and hauling, you know, work. For many Bay Area, truck-owning families today, they have become the go-to vehicle of choice. Versatility means everything, and if you’re spending 50 large, might as well cover all the bases, including comfort. Here are a couple to put on the shopping list..

Toyota Tundra 1794

Built in San Antonio, the Tundra is a logical choice for many, especially those raised by long-time Toyotans.

The 2020 1794 Edition is a top-tier trim level that is offered with a Lexus grade leather interior, wood trimmed steering wheel and other niceties that include a bit of Hill Country swagger.

The Tundra is no different than other competitors, the question you and your financier must ask is, “how deep in the wallet do we go?” The Tundra options list is long but not the 1794 cab size, it’s Crew Max cab only.

Tundra is equipped with one engine, the 5.7-liter V-8, delivering 381-HP and 401-lb. ft. of torque. The single transmission is a six-speed automatic. Ford, Chevy and Ram offer variety.

Android Auto and Apple Car Play are finally part of Tundra’s offerings.

Most full-size trucks, including the Tundra, will not fit in a standard home garage. Just another hurdle to jump in your move to the world of trucking. Starts at $33,575

Chevrolet Silverado

The venerable Chevrolet half-ton pickup truck is, perhaps, one of the most recognizable vehicles on the globe. Although the Silverado name is relatively new, its roots run deep, to the early 1900’s, and so does brand loyalty.

For Chevy lovers in the Bay Area, the Silverado can be customized to suit your needs, starting with no fewer than 3 cab sizes, 2 bed lengths, 5 engines and 8 trim levels. Oh, don’t forget 2 or 4-wheel drive. Shopping for one is not for the faint of heart.

This truck is B I G. The exterior styling can be a bit polarizing for some. Chevrolet has embraced the max-grille look and, depending on the trim level, can come blacked-out and look like the entire front is grille.

Interiors range from a stark to plush but all come with the GM Infotainment System 3, a well-vetted interface.

For most Bay Area families, the LT will probably be a good starting point at about $45 grand.

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