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Q: Casey, are you seeing any promising trends in the Bay Area real estate market? I would like to buy a home but want to make sure it is the right time to move forward.

Slayden in Friendswood, TX

A: Yes, the current market is hot…the best I have seen in ten years. Local realtors are busy and properties are moving quickly. Furthermore, home prices are low and market values are steadily increasing.

The Bay Area is fortunate to benefit from a vibrant, multi-faceted local economy. The Port of Houston, oil and gas industries, NASA, and state-of-art medical facilities drive newcomers to our area, and encourage current residents to put down roots. We experienced an economic downturn over the past several years, but indicators point toward a real estate market on the upswing and increased consumer confidence.

These positive factors, combined with historically low rates, make today a great time to consider investing in the Bay Area Houston real estate market.


Q: Mortgage Man, I have a question.  Is it as hard to get a home loan as everyone makes it out to be?

Jonathon Cone, San Leon, TX

A: Jonathon, the difficulty in securing a home mortgage has been greatly exaggerated. If you are working with the right company, the process can go very smoothly. While it is true that more documentation is required these days than in the recent past, it is also true that more products are available to consumers creating an accessible lending atmosphere.

Due to the influx of government initiatives, refinancing is easier than ever. And on the purchase side, down payment and credit requirements have (thankfully) relaxed. There are more products to suit potential homebuyers’ needs. We see this as a welcome relief from the overly stringent guidelines of the past few years.

As always, we, at Envoy Mortgage/The Montgomery Group, tailors a mortgage to suit your specific needs. Please feel free to call me directly to discuss your unique situation or stop by our Bay Area office located at 1011 East Main Street in League City.

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