The Admirals Log 3-12

The Admiral's Log

by Capt. Joe Kent

What is in Store for Fisherman During March?

March, like February, is one of the more undependable months for fishing.  Our winter fishing patterns begin to break and wind is usually a big factor that affects fishing.


Spring break occurs in March and one thing that is always a constant is that the weather at the beginning of the break likely will be totally different than at the end and we are talking about only a one-week span of time.


Frontal systems continue to be active this month, which create havoc for fishermen.  One day will be sunny and warm driving fish to shallow waters in search of food and the next a strong north wind will be pushing water out of the bays sending fish back to their winter refuges.


Although a dismal picture is being painted about March fishing, during windows of good conditions, fishing can be excellent.

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