The Admirals Log 2-12

The Admiral's Log

by Capt. Joe Kent


Why is it said that That Ten Percent of the Fishermen Catch Ninety Percent of the Fish?  



The old adage in the title of this article may be a bit exaggerated; however, it does refer to the fact that a small group of fishermen catch the majority of the fish.  Now, let’s take a look at why this select group comes away with most of the fish and others go home with sparse catches.  



If I had to say why the haves prevail over the have-nots, it would come down to three things: first and foremost, experience, then comes equipment and finally skills.

Those three areas are what separate fishermen from catchermen.

During my 15 years of guiding, I have observed just about all levels of fishermen and can speak with experience when it comes to identifying problems that keep individuals from catching fish.

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