THE A LIST: It’s All About The Bay

By Ange Mertens

Summer is here and with that comes fruity drinks with umbrellas, beautiful flowers and tropical vacations. In the Bay Area we begin to enjoy many outdoor activities, boating, tanning and swimming. And we take advantage of our fantastic local outdoor restaurants and venues. And enjoying the great outdoors also means we all want to brighten up our look, from clothing to our hair! I was able to sit down with the illustrious Chloe Holguin Salon Manager for the “Chaz Dean Studio” in Hollywood, soon to open in NY. I asked her what is Hot in Hollywood Hair?

“The latest Trend from L.A. is “lived in hair”…we’re seeing a lot of natural no fuss color with lots of dimension…..we’re seeing caramel tones as chunky low lights intermixed with natural blond tones for a sun kissed effect…making sure there is face framing with brighter blond…Our cuts are also no fuss…sexy textured “Lobs” ( long bobs) they can be from below the shoulder to chin length…very textured so the line is shattered and sexy…the look is messy…as if you had a fun romp in bed! “(Oh My!!)  So people are wanting to brighten up their locks and have sexy, manageable hairdo’s!!  What about when people have to dress up or go out for that special occasion?  Holguin says “Our fancy do’s are also messy and not formal looking…also gives the impression that one could just pin it up for a rustled effect….for a more formal look we’re doing very smooth and high poni’s…kinda 60’s looking…” In the summer we tend to stress out our hair with chlorine, straightening and coloring is there anything we can do to help curb the damage? “ Of course here at the Chaz Dean Studios we use the “Wen” hair system! We use no ammonia color and no shampoo! Our goal is to reverse damaged over-processed hair!” Well it sounds like the news from Hollywood is FUN easy, healthy hair!

Besides sexy hair this summer the runways are full of sexy bathing suits. One piece bathing suits are very daring this season with plunging necklines and strategic cut outs. Some are softened with ruffles on the shoulders or across the chest but they are definitely pushing the envelope this season. On the other hand two piece bathing suits are having a retro feel with high waisted bottoms and wide strapped shoulders.  Many of the models on the runway look like they may have walked right off the runway of the Galveston Festival of Pulchritude in the 1920’s-1930’s! I know that sounds awful, but really it was the precursor to modern day Miss Universe! The word pulchritude actually means “Beauty” and ladies came from all over the world to participate in the festivities. And the island’s population nearly tripled the weekend of the Festival. Today’s designers have reached into our very personal Gulf Coast past to recreate these retro bathing suits.  Actually this season walking down the runway could be entitled “A Walk Through The Generations”! Of course there are the 1920-1930’s designs, there are skirted designs with ruching reminiscent of the 1950’s, there are shapeless one pieces that were popular in the 1960’s, there are teenie bikini’s straight out of the 1970’s with cartoons or trendy sayings, a resurgence of sporty styles with a wet suit feel are a comeback from the 80’s (I know I had a favorite Body Glove with a zipper front!) and the 90’s are revisited with belts and suspenders adorning the suits. One thing that can be said about this season’s bathing suit, is there is definitely a  style for every body type! So spend some time shopping around and you are sure to find something that makes you feel beautiful! And if you want to buy one that reminds you of a special time in your past go ahead and buy it as a guilty pleasure, even if you will only wear it in your private backyard, I won’t tell!!

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