Texas Meditations 4-12


Texas Meditations

by Michael Gos

Looking For Patterns

LBJ Grasslands, Texas



I have very few memories before the age of three. One of the earliest memories I do have, however, is the discovery that I hated cities and loved wild places.  I never thought about why I felt that way.  When you are four or five years old, that just is not a part of your thought process.  


As I got older, those feelings intensified.  By and large I was an obedient child, but when I was in trouble, it was almost always because of wild places.  By the time I was seven or eight, I would head out almost daily into the few acres of woods that remained near my childhood home.  It was the only place I felt comfortable.  My parents didn’t share that comfort.


When I went away to college, weekends were often spent camping at a state park.  Even in the Indiana winter, I would take my tent, along with lots of newspaper to place under my sleeping bag, and head out to the wilds.  Still, I never questioned why.  It was just the way the world was.

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