Texas Meditations 3-12

Texas Meditations

by Michael Gos

The Beauty of Sadness

D’Hanis, Texas  


If you know D’Hanis, it is probably because of bricks.  The D’Hanis Brick and Tile Company is the town’s biggest industry.  But when I think of D’Hanis, I think only of a large, old-timey restaurant and steakhouse just off 90 called Bill and Rosa’s.  When I am in the area, it is a regular stop for me.  I love their cheeseburgers.  Delivered with the top of the bun sitting next to the sandwich so you can see the mustard smiley face the chef puts atop every one, the burgers are juicy, stacked high and just a bit too large to fit into my mouth.  Then there are the chicken fried steaks!  The half order overhangs the plate on all sides.  I’ve never had the nerve to ask for a full-sized order; I have no idea how big they are.  I stop by almost every trip through the area, but I especially like to go there on Sunday afternoons when Ronnie Mason plays guitar and sings.  This old cowboy is the perfect complement to a late lunch and a beer.  

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