‘Teeth in a Day’

noieimageFinally, “Teeth in a day” is a predictable and affordable reality. It is estimated that more than 35 million Americans, due to various reasons, have lost their teeth and are reluctant to wear a removable appliance in order to be able to eat.

The story doesn’t end here. Unfortunately, it gets worse. These removable appliances do not exactly replace lost natural teeth. They do not feel natural and certainly have fallen far short of being able to replace natural teeth. However, due to lack of any other real option, they have been used for centuries. Dental implants revolutionized the field and, for the first time, allowed false teeth to remain anchored to the jaw bone.

Aside from tremendous stability that rivaled natural teeth, the dentures have traditionally been constructed bulky in order to keep them from sliding while chewing. Your dental Implantologist can now eliminate the bulk of these dentures and make them as small as natural teeth since there is no longer any need for saddling the denture over gum area. They also enable the patient to preserve his or her jaw bone volume by stimulating them while eating, similar to natural teeth.

Over the past two decades, dental implantology continued its ground breaking advancement. The introduction of 3D CT imaging and virtual pre-surgical treatment planning has made dental implants highly predictable.

Traditional implant techniques have rightfully leaned on the side of over-caution.

Histological studies suggested an incubation period of several months between  surgically placement of dental implants and exposing them to jaw forces will increase the success ratio. In the absence of adequate bone volume, the procedure could take as long as a year or more to complete.

In 1990 Dr. Paulo Malo of Portugal, offered a new technique called “Teeth in a day.” He aimed to simplify and shorten the process. While some mavericks adopted his technique early on, many dental surgeons (including myself) chose to wait and see the long term results. Twenty-two years later, this technique has been time tested and proven to be very reliable.

Teeth in a day requires a personalized plan and is not for everyone. Every patient is unique and there is no “one treatment fits all” approach when it comes to permanent-fixed-tooth-replacement. If you are interested in leaving your teeth trouble in your rear view mirror, please contact UniCare Center for cosmetic and implant dentistry at 281-332-4700 to schedule a personal complimentary consultation with Dr. Noie. You will receive a personal consultation, taking your unique situation under consideration.

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