The Legend of Mistletoe

December 1st, 2019

By Alisa Star

Under the mistletoe is where it all began to inspire what might have been love. What started as an English tradition during the middle age is now a one-and-done way to punch up an entryway and, of course, encourage holiday guests to pucker up.

According to the legend of how mistletoe began, a young great warrior named Baldur was killed by an enemy’s arrow made of mistletoe. His mother, the goddess Frig, wept tears onto the arrow… Overjoyed, Frig blessed the mistletoe plant and promised a kiss to all who passed beneath it.

In the forest, mistletoe is a bit of a scourge, a parasitic plant that latches on the trees and feeds off of them. Mistletoe is a beautiful evergreen plant that is smothered in white berries from winter to spring. It grows in the branches of trees, such as hawthorn, apple, and oak trees. The tradition of hanging it in houses goes back to the time of the ancient Druids. It was also used as a sign of love and friendship, and to ward of evil spirits and bad luck in Norse mythology.

By the 18th century, stealing a kiss beneath the mistletoe became a common practice among British and English, kissing under the mistletoe was serious business. If a girl refused a kiss, she shouldn’t expect a marriage proposal for at least a year, and many people would snub their nose at her and make remarks that she would end up an old maid. The tradition spread all over the world from there. According to the tradition, it’s bad luck to refuse a kiss beneath the mistletoe.

Today’s tradition is a more lighthearted approach. Mistletoe is a Christmas staple — have you ever found yourself under the mistletoe at a party with a stranger and everyone is shouting ”Kiss, it’s tradition!” So when it does happen, go ahead and indulge yourself. You never know what might become of that kiss.

Christmas time is magical, it inspires romance, love and kindness. Be sure your holiday season begins with all the decorations and lights. Then hang the beloved mistletoe in an entryway for an unexpected guest, or over the bed to make sure you get that good night kiss, or over a stairwell, as many times as you go up and down the stairs, kissing and cardio will burn off those holiday calories.

Don’t just think of Christmas, Feel Christmas! Remember the excitement you felt as a child waking up on Christmas morning running through the house, screaming to everyone “Wake up, Santa was here, come on let’s open presents!” That feeling is everlasting.

We all love Christmas, the decorations and the feeling of anticipation, singing Christmas carols, also the rush of love that people show one another, if only during the Christmas season! Go forth in the New Year and make new friends, new relationships, and new love. Hang some mistletoe in your home this year, and watch the magic begin.
Merry Christmas to all!