Chamber board opposes oil tank farm in Clear Lake

September 26th, 2018

The Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has unanimously voted to oppose the proposed development of a oil storage tank farm between Interstate 45 South and Highway 3 near FM 2351. The vote came during a board meeting Sept. 18.

The Chamber directors said in a press release to Bay Area Houston Magazine that they strongly believe the installation of these tanks has the potential to impact air traffic at Ellington Field and present a hazard along a high-traffic runway, as well as, residential neighborhoods. “The storage of oil and petroleum products should be located in an industrialized, low-traffic area, not in close proximity to neighborhoods, high-traffic roads, parks, and schools,” the board said in a statement it issued.

The directors said they would like to encourage the community to stay informed about this project, to ensure the failure of the proposal so the property can be used for more impactful, high local value projects such as ones complimenting the Ellington Spaceport and the Innovation Interstate or to improve traffic by the creation of a new road, adding that “It’s the Chamber’s mission to be ‘Champions for business success and quality of life’ throughout Clear Lake/Bay Area Houston.”

Bay Area Houston Magazine