The Bay House Cast & Crew Screening at River Oaks Theater

March 4th, 2019

Join us for the cast & crew screening of The Bay House at Houston’s Landmark River Oaks Theater at 2009 West Gray St., Houston, TX 77019 on March 14 at 7 p.m.

Bo Brinkman, a Houston native filmmaker, wrote and directed The Bay House, the third movie produced out of six planned for production in Texas.

“We have brought together a group of Texans that work in the film industry to produce local independent films. Our goal is to produce movies with a strong story, good content, and high quality production as well as commercial appeal. Texas film crews find most of their work outside the state. Tax incentives and rebates offered by neighboring Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia have taken 95 percent of television and film productions away from Texas and that hurts our economy.” says Brinkman.

The Bay House was filmed and produced in Seabrook, San Leon, Galveston Island, Texas and Durango, as well as Silverton, Colorado.

Movie Producers and Executive Producers include Rick Clapp, Cowden Ward, Raz Halili, Billy Cain, Derek Holk, Tim Leppard, and Barry Strickland.

The movie stars Barry Corbin, (“No Country for Old Men” “The Ranch” “War Games” and TV series “Northern Exposure”), plays a career politician who loses an election in the wake of scandal, retreats to the family bay house with his wife, Academy Award Nominee, Lesley Ann Warren, ( “Victor/Victoria” “Clue” “Pure Country”) where their two estranged son’s, Houston native Sean Faris (“Pearl Harbor” “Sleep Over” “Never Back Down”) and James Callis (“Bridget Jones’s Diary” “Battlestar Galactica” “12 Monkeys”) force them to face the wreckage of their past.

Showing is on a first come basis. RSVP is a must. A $10 donation is requested at the door to benefit The Galveston Bay Foundation, a 501c3 Organization.

For more information about the premiere, please contact Sumer Dene at 281-474-5875 or

Bay Area Houston and Gulf Coast Mariner Magazines will host the local filmmaker Bo Brinkman during The Bay House Cast & Crew Screening Party and reception at Crazy Alan’s Swamp Shack Baybrook on March 7 from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Come meet the director and some of the actors, film crew, and staff as well as producers and executive producers. Get a sneak preview of the independent movie that was filmed locally in Bay Area Houston, Galveston, and Durango and Silverton Colorado. Local movie producers include Cowden Ward, Raz Halili, Billy Cain, Derek Holk, Tim Leppard, and Barry Strickland.

Complementary hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar with beverages will be provided as well as prizes, giveaways, and signed movie posters.

Bo Brinkman will also announce the production of his latest film creation Goat Hill Road to be shot entirely in Texas.

RSVP is a must as space is limited. Contact Sumer Dene at 281-474-5875 or A $10 donation is requested at the door to benefit The Galveston Bay Foundation, a 501c3 Organization.

Remembering Simone M. Clapp

February 1st, 2019

By Rick Clapp

My dear mother Simone Clapp passed away this holiday season. She lived a good, long life of 89 years. Her early teen years were not so easy as she and her family survived World War II in Europe.

My mother, my grandmother and aunt were great story tellers. They told many tales of sadness, happiness and joy just to have something to eat and a meal to share was so appreciated. Even during the most difficult times and horrendous conditions of war they found joy because of their faith in God. No doubt that carried them and continued to comfort my mother up until her recent death.

Simone Clapp was a part of the “Greatest Generation” that lived and survived through World War II. The experience made my mother and others strong, stubborn, emotional, caring and loving, but most of all giving.

She would say many times that her mother learned the real gift of giving. She passed it on to all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Was Simone perfect? Close. She was good – real good and taught all of us the importance of being full of grace and helping your fellow man. We were taught to treat our neighbors and friends as family.

She shared her secrets on how to survive. The importance of never giving up and always being thankful and grateful for the large and small things in life. The best gift she gave us was the gift of giving and doing that unconditionally.

Simone taught us to pack our own parachute, not to rely on others. My mother was married to our loving father, Rodger Clapp, for over 35 years, she is survived by my brother Arthur, my sister Diane, and myself. Two grandchildren, Alisa and Mollie and four great grandchildren Niko, Neely, Alexa and her sister Marlene Leddick.

Mom, you were the perfect mother for all of us. We thank you and praise you for all you did on this earth. Rest in peace Simone. Shalom.

Armand Bayou – ‘The Jewel on the Bay’

June 1st, 2018

John Collier, from right, and other guests welcome Pasadena Mayor Jeff Wagner as retiring Armand Bayou Executive Director Tom Kortrude looks on in the background.

Rick Clapp and Jackie Young of THEA

By Rick Clapp

One of Bay Area’s most precious jewels is the Armand Bayou Nature Center in Pasadena. The Annual Earth Day Party for the Planet was held on Saturday, April 28 and was another big success — raising thousands of dollars and was a total sellout. The annual Spring Celebration and fundraiser included a lavish silent auction featuring Astros tickets, feeding the Bison, nature paintings, Yeti Coolers, signature Audubon style bird dinner plates and more. Hors d’oeuvres galore were hand passed and served by an attentive wait staff from Melange Catering.

The highlight each year is the incredible buffet dinner and drinks served under the big white tent. It was again provided by the Kessler’s of One Stop Tents and Events. Dinner included tender grilled Airline chicken, mouthwatering beef tenderloin Au Poivre, mixed green salad, roasted basil, new and Peruvian purple potatoes, oven roasted Brussel sprouts and a vegetable medley. The dessert was divine — a Tiramisu trifle or a strawberry shortcake trifle. It not only looked great, it tasted d’lish. The Crème de la Crème was provided at the events end which was a decadent late night snack, a farm table s’mores station.

The live auction was well bid on, and all went for great value. It included Astros memorabilia, a fishing trip, pontoon boat tour for 80, an evening of art and cheese at Disegno Studio in Houston, a round of golf at the premier Golf Club of Houston for four with caddies and a trip to Florida’s Disney World. There was also a guided private canoe trip for six on Armand Bayou with Mark Kramer. Evening entertainment was live music by Andy and the Dreamsicles.

The evening honored the hardworking, dynamic Tom Kortrude, who celebrated his 10 years as the executive director of ABNC and will graciously retire this summer. Congratulations Tom, and best wishes in your new ventures. A job more than well done. Bravo. Special thanks goes to David Rante, Laurel Williamson, Garry McMahan, Linda Retherford, all the sponsors and people at ABNC.

Mark your calendar for next year’s Armand Bayou Nature Center Party for the Planet. Your funds will protect our Jewel on the Bayou, and I personally guarantee you a grand ole time on the bayou.

Armand Bayou Nature Center extends it gratitude to everyone who made the 2018 Earth Celebration another huge success. For more information call 281-474-2551.

Bay Area Hollywood Movie Updates

April 1st, 2018

Writer and director of The Bay House, Bo Brinkman, left, with some cast and crew.

The premiere showing of the new movie Urban Country will show through April in Baton Rouge. This faith based inspirational movie is sure to be a big hit the spring and summer. The Bay Group are proud producers of this inspiring film along with Media partners, Earl Heard of BIC Alliance and investor, John Zapalac.

More Hollywood News
The Bay House, filmed locally in Seabrook, San Leon and Galveston, is wrapping up this month with the final scene being filmed in Silverton, Colorado. This hit film is directed by local, Bo Brinkman and features Lesley Ann Warren, Barry Corbin, James Callis, Sean Ferris and other local actors, even Raz Halili and Rick Clapp. A highlight in the film is a scene filmed at Gilhooley’s with Prestige Oysters’ Raz Halili. Film producers include locals Rick Clapp, Tim Leppard, Billy Cain, Raz Halili and Cowden Brooks. The Bay House will be released this fall in local theaters. Be on the “Baywatch” because more films are coming from BIC Alliance and The Bay Group. For more information call The Bay Group at 281-474-5875.

Don’t make Americanism something of the past

January 1st, 2017

“One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. “

“In God We Trust.”

These words were written by our forefathers many years ago. These phrases are a part of our Americanism which separates us from the rest of the world. By God, we should not lose it. Furthermore, we do our daily monetary transactions “In God We Trust.” Why is the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer time taken out of our schools?

Our country was founded by three major principles: freedom, order and justice. As Americans we are free to do anything that is legal and follows an order. Then we have a justice system that at times seems unjust but is the best in the world. However, we are slowly losing many of our freedoms. The order and justice system is becoming more enforcing. A country that is too secure is a country with less freedom.

We wonder why politicians are pro-immigration. It is simply to buy votes. It has been done for decades. If we are the party that lets the borders down and has unlimited entry by hundreds and thousands of people from countries we are at war with, guess which party they vote for.

Employing a selective immigration would work. Those that can support themselves and a family for a minimum of two years; professionals, people who have a talent that there is a need for; bright students and people that are suffering a particular hardship. They must all be willing to work and legally apply for citizenship. If they fit the criteria, then welcome to the greatest country, “The Land of Opportunity.”  Let’s not sell America cheap.

Other countries in the world are very strict and careful about who immigrates into their country.  Countries such as Switzerland, Japan, China and Korea.  Many of these countries have been around longer than America.  Why don’t we look at these countries and implement what they do right? If these countries allow immigration, it is to fill a serious need. They must have financial means, and they do not let the people that may cause trouble filter into their country.

It is great that our country is known all over the world for being creative innovators and leaders in industry.  That did not happen overnight.  It took generations of talent, discernment, education, trial and error, sacrifice, government’s laissez faire policies and our ability to get along with our allies and other countries in trade and commerce.

Change and immigration is wonderful, but if you have owned or built a successful business, you know the right time to grow and when to pull back and slow things down.

Furthermore, if your new ideas and programs are not working, you know to reflect on your past.  Like they say “sometimes you just need to take two steps back to get a step ahead.”  If the screen door is not broken, then do not fix it. New ideas and innovations require more money out of your business, resources or bank. It may not be the right time. Timing is everything.  Success begins with going out and finding what your elite customers want and fulfilling their wants and needs.
It is time that we put God back into our country, government and business. Also, we should regulate our immigration, if we value America. We should place a high value and price tag on it.  Many have sacrificed, suffered and paid the ultimate price for America.

We need all of our politicians to act like sales managers. Get out of their offices and visit the people and businesses and find out what their wants and needs are – not just what their political party wants. Needless to say, politicians should be working for us, not vice versa.

Finally, let’s do not sell this “Greatest Country” cheap.   It has a higher price tag paid by many.

To be an American is something special!

Rick Clapp, President
Bay Group Media