Northfolk street won’t be extended into new Clear Lake development

January 8th, 2016

headerBy Mary Alys Cherry

Scenic Glade Drive, in Clear Lake’s Northfork neighborhood, will not be extended into the new residential development, the Reserve at Clear Lake City.

That was the Jan. 7 decision of the Houston Planning Commission, which voted unanimously to grant a variance requested by Trendmaker Homes.

Houston City Councilman Dave Martin, who represents the Clear Lake area, spoke in support of the variance request on behalf of numerous Northfork residents who have vocally opposed the street’s extension over the past three years.

Residents’ primary concerns have centered on the potential creation of hazardous cut-through vehicular traffic in the community if Scenic Glade Drive, which meanders through much of the Northfork neighborhood, were to be extended. Of special concern, Martin said, was Scenic Glade’s proximity to North Pointe Elementary School and the safety of children playing in the neighborhood and walking to the school.

Prior to the meeting, Martin said his District E office received letters in support of the variance request from the president of the Northfork Community Association representing 1,040 residents, as well as from the Clear Creek School District.

Scenic Glade Drive represents the third successful variance request related to the Reserve at Clear Lake City over the past two years, Martin’s office said. In May 2015, the Planning Commission granted a variance to allow for the non-extension of Jade Green Way after Councilman Martin and a Pine Brook community representative voiced residents’ concerns. An additional variance allowing for the non-extension of Noble Oak Way, also in Pine Brook, was granted by the Commission in May 2014.

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