New salary structure OK’d for CCISD teachers

July 1st, 2014

ccisd copyOne of the strategic goals of the Clear Creek School District is to recruit and retain compassionate, effective, innovative and highly motivated staff.

It is with this in mind, the Clear Creek ISD Board of Trustees approved an innovative pay structure for its teachers which not only improves the district’s competitiveness — compared to area districts — but also recognizes significant milestones during a teacher’s tenure in CCISD.

“We sought input from teachers at all levels of experience and I am pleased to announce a salary structure which honors their work and puts us within a competitive advantage for years to come,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Greg Smith.

To initiate the new pay structure, trustees approved a plan that increases teacher salary on average by 4.35 percent.  Teachers up to 39 years of experience will receive substantial salary adjustments ranging from more than 2.5 percent to nearly 8 percent for the 2014-2015 school year.

“The largest shift in this plan compared to how we have handled teacher salary schedules in the past is that for every five years a teacher is in CCISD, he or she will receive a $2,500 salary increase in addition to the board approved cost-of-living increase. Teachers in the between years will also see a substantial pay increase this next school year to allow for differentiation in the milestone years,” said Deputy Superintendent of Business Services Paul McLarty.

“One of the goals met with this plan was to show our appreciation to our most tenured teachers.  We have been able to provide a substantial increase in pay for these great teachers who have dedicated a lifetime to our district and the teaching profession.”

The plan increases the new teacher salary from $47,000 to $48,500 in 2014-2015 and teacher salaries in subsequent years of experience will also be increased, including a $2,500 boost for five-year milestones.

Experience    Approved    Increase
New hires    $48,500        $1,500
5 years        $51,000        $3,103
10 years        $53,500        $4,297
15 years        $56,000        $3,878
20 years        $58,500        $3,613
25 years        $61,000        $4,453
30 years        $63,000        $3,968
35 years        $66,000        $3,438

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