Movers & Shakers: Mayor Pat Hallisey

April 1st, 2017

Name: Pat Hallisey

Occupation: Mayor of League City

Hometown: Houston

Current home: League City

Family: Wife of 33 years, Janice; daughter, Ashley; daughter and son-in-law, Kristi and Chad Martin; grandson, Christopher

My favorite writer is: Steven Long

Someone I’d like to meet: John Kennedy

If I could switch places with someone for just one day, I’d choose: Gov. Greg Abbott

My favorite performers is: Eric Clapton

I like to spend my leisure time: With family and friends camping and cooking.

If I could travel any place, I’d go to: Rome, Dublin

My favorite meal is: Steak

As a youngster, I wanted to grow up to be: An Olympic swimmer

You’ll never catch me: Taking a nap

The thing that bugs me the most is: People who are late

My favorite movie is: The Right Stuff

Few people know: I am a cut up

Mayor updates League City Chamber

April 1st, 2017

League City Regional Chamber President Steve Paterson, right, prepares to introduce Mayor Pat Hallisey to the crowd at the State of the City Luncheon.

By Mary Alys Cherry

League City is growing like wildfire, and city officials are working just as hard to tackle any issues that might accompany that growth, while maintaining a high quality of life and preserving its small town charm, Mayor Pat Hallisey says.

His words came in a update for the League City Regional Chamber’s State of the City Luncheon in South Shore Harbour Resort’s Marina Plaza Ballroom before a crowd that included Councilmen Larry Millican, Todd Kinsey, Greg Gripon, Keith Gross and Nick Long. New City Manager John Baumgartner, who the mayor called “óne of the city’s hardest working guys” also joined him in the update, explaining that he was trying to build a strong financial foundation for the city.

“The fabric of any community is its people,” Hallisey said, “…and I am always amazed by the spirit of our great city. While we may have our challenges from time to time, our resiliency and ability to come together as a community is stronger than ever,” he said before showing a video of some of the city’s accomplishments.

Evidence of the city’s growth:

  • 181 new businesses such as Kroger, HEB, Memorial Herman, MD Anderson, Cabela’s, Jason’s Deli, etc.
  • 10,942 building permits
  • About 1,000 new homes each year

The city’s biggest challenges in the coming years, he told the crowd, “is mobility and securing water resources to meet the needs of our growing community.”

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