Bay Area Hollywood Movie Updates

April 1st, 2018

Writer and director of The Bay House, Bo Brinkman, left, with some cast and crew.

The premiere showing of the new movie Urban Country will show through April in Baton Rouge. This faith based inspirational movie is sure to be a big hit the spring and summer. The Bay Group are proud producers of this inspiring film along with Media partners, Earl Heard of BIC Alliance and investor, John Zapalac.

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The Bay House, filmed locally in Seabrook, San Leon and Galveston, is wrapping up this month with the final scene being filmed in Silverton, Colorado. This hit film is directed by local, Bo Brinkman and features Lesley Ann Warren, Barry Corbin, James Callis, Sean Ferris and other local actors, even Raz Halili and Rick Clapp. A highlight in the film is a scene filmed at Gilhooley’s with Prestige Oysters’ Raz Halili. Film producers include locals Rick Clapp, Tim Leppard, Billy Cain, Raz Halili and Cowden Brooks. The Bay House will be released this fall in local theaters. Be on the “Baywatch” because more films are coming from BIC Alliance and The Bay Group. For more information call The Bay Group at 281-474-5875.

The Bay Group Goes Hollywood

January 1st, 2018

Bay Group’s Rick Clapp and Robyn Weigelt with some of the cast at Lakewood Yacht Club.

The Bay Group, Inc., publishers of the popular Bay Area Houston and Gulf Coast Mariner Magazines, are proud to announce their Hollywood movie ventures with BIC Magazine and Cactus Films.

Bay Group President and CEO Rick Clapp has signed movie production agreements with two film companies. They will produce an inspirational movie in conjunction with BIC President, CEO and Producer Earl Heard of Baton Rouge, La., and Producer John Zapalac of Houston. The inspirational movie “Urban Country” will air in the spring of 2018. The film features well known stars such as Lou Diamond Phillips, Jason London.

In support of Cactus Films, The Bay Group also will produce Bo Brinkman’s “The Bay House,” presently being filmed in Seabrook. It was originally a play by playwright Brinkman and featured off Broadway with high acclaims. Look for academy nominated actress Lesley Ann Warren, Barry Corbin, James Callis and a great supporting cast.

Gilhooley’s owner Misho Ivic, center, with cast and crew.

The film is to be released in late 2018. Also, the ever popular Raz Halili of Prestige Oysters, a Hurricane Harvey hero, is scheduled to have a part in the film that was shot at Gilhooley’s in San Leon.

“The Bay House” means a great deal to our Bay Area especially after the Hurricane Harvey disaster. “It will not only help us economically but enhance our community’s image worldwide. We have actors, film crews, extras, etc. spending money locally on food, lodging, buying local, gas, supporting restaurants, entertainment you name it,” Clapp says. “My goal has always been to help our Bay Area communities’ image and our economic development.”

Lesley Ann Warren on screen.

“It’s awesome to come back from L.A. and produce a film in my hometown,” Brinkman said.

A special thanks, Clapp said, goes to Earl Heard, John Zapalac, Thomas Brisko, Cactus Films, Bo Brinkman, The Halili Family of Prestige Oysters, the City of Seabrook, Tim Leppard, Hal Bushnell, Barry Strickland and many others who made this film possible during difficult financial times.

Look for “The Bay House” on the screen. Like they say in Hollywood…Break a Leg.

Prestige Oyster’s Raz Halili (#rescuebae) reads for his role.