Allegiance Bank

August 1st, 2019

We Practice What We Pledge

Allegiance Bank is extremely proud to serve Houston and the surrounding counties as the region’s largest community bank. Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that all deposit dollars are invested directly into the local economy since Allegiance is exclusively focused on Houston and the surrounding area. Their niche is meeting the needs of local business owners, community organizations and residents. Allegiance Bank was founded in Houston in 2007 and currently operates 27 banking offices in and around Houston, Clear Lake, Anahuac, Dayton, Liberty and Beaumont.

The Allegiance culture depends on greater autonomy and open, honest communication. They operate with a decentralized model, which means decisions are made in the local banking offices. Allegiance customers benefit directly from working with experienced bankers who are given autonomy to make decisions in-office, which allows them to have open and honest communication with their customers. As a community bank, Allegiance chooses to get to know its customers on a personal level and pledges to give customers access to the decision makers today or sooner. Allegiance Bankers say, “It’s not what we do, but what we do together that makes the difference.”

Giving community bankers such a high level of autonomy requires a team of skilled, veteran bankers and the Clear Lake office team is led by Bill Holbert, Senior Vice President & Interim Bank Office President. James Waguespack, Barry McMahan, Leslee Farley, Libby McGee, Jay Farley, Jimmy Butcher and Clyde Hart have many years of experience and are passionate about serving the Bay Area. The Clear Lake office conveniently located at the corner of St. John Drive and NASA Parkway offers a “concierge” feel and extraordinary service. Allegiance Bank operates differently from traditional banks. Everyone who comes in gets personal attention from bankers who have a heart for service. There is no traditional drive-through banking, but customers can use the drive through ATM to make deposits, transfers and withdrawals 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The bank’s commitment to personal service also means that when someone calls the bank during business hours, they will speak to a person, not an automated phone system.

Visit Allegiance Bank and experience “The Allegiance Way.”

Bill Holbert, Senior VP & Interim Bank Office President

Bill Holbert, Senior VP & Interim Bank Office President

Jimmy Butcher, Bank Officer/Lender

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