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March 1st, 2015

healthBy James Robinson

It’s a new year and on your list of resolutions is the always popular “get in better shape.” Where do you start? Well, the good thing about facing any issue is first recognizing that it IS an issue. The next step, however, is to realize that there are no quick fixes. The human body is the most complex piece of machinery known to man. As with any other area of our life where we seek professional help, the body, the biggest mystery of all, needs to be handled with care. Over the counter fat burners and workout tapes won’t cut it. You may make some physical change by simply burning more calories than before, but what happens once your body adapts to this new caloric output? So, again, where to start?

The most economical way to create physical change is to get educated. Fortunately, in today’s day and age, most information is simply a mouse click away. Keep your eyes open for science-based, peer-reviewed methods; credibility is key. Don’t allow yourself to fall into advertising traps!

For many of us out there who despise the thought of strenuous, and often times, unrewarding research, it is much easier to pay a professional to help in this process.

Here lies our next problem. How do I pick a professional to help me when there are so many to choose from? There are professional trainers in every organization that are bursting with potential. The key is to find them. Keep in mind that your gym membership does not necessarily have to dictate your search for professional assistance, though it might be the first place you look. You might find that specialized training facilities meet your needs; never fall for the first option.

Remember to ask questions during your search; you are trying to find the most compatible and experienced trainer that will be able to meet your needs. Always remember that, as the consumer, you are the one in control. Ask for a trainer who has a bachelor’s degree in a fitness-related field, or at least a minimum of 10 years of practical experience. This guarantees a trainer who has the basic background requirements for the post. Make sure to ask for their current national certification, current CPR/AED, and a list of references. Always be thorough.

Lastly, ask to interview the trainer. You need to make sure your personalities can mesh and, combined, create the best results!

DO NOT sign any agreement until all of this is completed.  If you follow this simple questioning protocol, I feel you will have great success. Remember, getting truly educated about the fitness field not only lasts a lifetime but it’s something you can pass on to loved ones for generations.

James Robinson is the president/CEO of Xecu-fit. He has been a fitness professional for the last 25 years. He has been able to view the industry he loves from many different eyes and writes this column with the intention of creating a happier and healthier community.

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