HCA-affiliated Clear Lake Regional Medical Center gets a new name

March 4th, 2019

Clear Lake Regional Medical Center was rebranded as HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake on Jan. 31.

By Mary Alys Cherry

HCA-affiliated Clear Lake Regional Medical Center in Webster has a new name – HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake.

Officials said the name was changed to better reflect the hospital’s affiliation with one of Houston’s most comprehensive healthcare systems. They gathered at the hospital with League City Mayor Pat Hallisey and officials representing Webster Mayor Donna Rogers to officially launch its new identity.

“Taking the HCA name signals our commitment to be held to the highest standards in the industry,” said Todd Caliva, chief executive officer of HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake, who also announced upcoming improvements to the hospital, including new VIP labor and delivery suites, a facelift to the women’s services department, major construction to the Emergency Department entrance, two new operating rooms, a major cath lab expansion, and a significant bed expansion.

Actually, it is the third name change for the medical facility. It started out life as Clear Lake Hospital, but later became known as Humana Hospital-Clear Lake and then as Clear Lake Regional Medical Center.

Fay Dudney, wife of the late Dr. Ned Dudney of League City, who helped turn a dream into a reality, remembered how it all happened when she talked with us back in 2012 as the hospital was celebrating its 40th anniversary.

“Dr. Larry Chapman (who died Dec. 2, 2018) came over from Seabrook to see us, and when he walked in, he said, ‘Ned, I want you to help me build a hospital here in our area.’”
Dudney, who had to put patients in hospitals long distances from their homes, immediately liked the idea, and “soon we sought out physicians all over the area,” Dr. Chapman said as he thought back to those heady days.

Joined by the late Dr. Joe Symon of Friendswood, “the three of us pursued things pretty hard, and before long some 18 to 20 doctors practicing at Bayshore Hospital in Pasadena gave us their blessings. And, their financial backing,” Dr. Chapman recalled.

The group bought a 70-acre tract bounded by State Highway 3 and Texas Avenue in Webster, and on George Washington’s birthday, Feb. 22, 1970, a crowd of 500 gathered for the groundbreaking of the $4.2 million hospital, which opened with 150 beds, but designed to hold 600 beds.

A crowd of 3,000 was on hand Sunday, March 12, 1972 for the dedication and opening of Clear Lake Hospital, as it was originally named. But over the years it has grown so much it is barely recognizable in early photographs. A new emergency room was added in 2003, and its $55 million Heart & Vascular Hospital was built across the street in 2007, then expanded in 2010 with a $17 million, 72-room addition that included a pharmacy and dialysis unit.

The hospital grew even larger in 2012 with a $92 million expansion that included a 154,000- square-foot Patient Tower with a 30-bed Intensive Care Unit and a wide range of innovations.

Every year, HCA Houston Healthcare provides care for more than one million hospital patients, more than 450,000 emergency room patients and delivers one in four births in Houston. It currently has more than 16,000 employees, including 6,900 nurses. And, now a new name.

HCA’s Bayshore Medical Center unveils $5 million Center for Neurosciences and Orthopedics

February 1st, 2019

Parents Lucia and Jose Garza welcome the first baby born at Bayshore Medical Center in 2019. Their baby boy was born on Jan. 1 at 11:44 p.m. Weighing 5 lbs. 14 oz, this little bundle helped his family and the Bayshore staff kick off 2019 on a high note!

Bayshore Medical Center, a HCA Houston Healthcare hospital, has opened the “Center for Neurosciences and Orthopedics.” The 20-bed unit, occupying 15,800 square feet of the hospital’s fifth floor is a completely new buildout, designed to meet the unique needs of neuroscience and orthopedic postoperative patients in Pasadena and throughout Houston.

From specialized staff to gourmet menus, the new unit is designed to perfect the postoperative experience.

Bayshore has hired nine registered nurses, specializing in postoperative care, to staff the $5 million facility. Proprietary physician-led protocols will empower each nurse to safely make medical decisions, such as when to discharge a patient, independently. Additionally, the unit will feature its own physical therapy gym and specialist to streamline rehabilitation. These measures are expected to reduce length of stay from an average of three to one day.

“Neurosurgical and orthopedic surgery are highly unique, and inpatient recovery for these patients should reflect that,” said Bayshore CEO Jeanna Bamburg. “This new unit is our gift to the Southeast Harris County community, who can receive specialized care and recovery in their own backyard, and I believe patients across Houston will now also consider Bayshore on their shortlist of surgery sites.”

The hospital coordinated with an interior designer to give the rooms – each measuring 360 square feet, double the size of a standard room – a residential feel, including accommodations for guests to stay with patients overnight. The unit also features a “Bistro” where patients and families can dine together on their choice of two daily “Chef’s specials” or order from a menu of a la carte options for in-room dining.

“There is increasing evidence that community support can impact patient experience and recovery,” said Dr. Peyman Pakzaban, the neurological surgeon practicing at Bayshore Medical Center. “This unit gives patients the best of all worlds – specialized care and privacy in a setting that encourages them to connect with family, friends, and each other as part of their treatment plans.”