Movers & Shakers: Roy Green Jr.

January 2nd, 2019

Name: Roy Green Jr.

Occupation: General Manager – South Shore Harbour Resort & Conference Center

Hometown: San Angelo

Current home: League City

Family: Husband Nick of 32 years

My favorite actor is: Morgan Freeman

Someone I’d like to meet: Former President Barack Obama

If I could switch places with someone for just one day, I’d choose: Bill Gates. His generous philanthropy especially with the fight to end polio is inspiring.

My favorite performers are: Michael Buble, Ellen Degeneres and the Fighting Texas Aggie Band.

I like to spend my leisure time: Planning my next adventure and spending time with family.

If I could travel any place, I’d go to: Beaches of Normandy with my father.

My favorite meal is: Baked chicken and grilled asparagus.

As a youngster, I wanted to grow up to be: National Park Ranger.
You’ll never catch me: At the gym. I know I should, but probably not going to happen.

The thing that bugs me the most is: Rude and disrespecful people. Life is too short to be mean, cruel and ugly towards other people.

My favorite movie is: Braveheart

Few people know: At A&M I had the honor of being a student host to comedian Red Skeleton for five days prior to his campus performance. What a great week that was.

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