Seabrook to launch EMS Oct. 14

September 30th, 2019

Seabrook residents will see a change in ambulance service beginning Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019. The City of Seabrook will be contracting with Acadian ambulance services between Oct. 1 through Oct. 13, and on Monday, Oct. 14 the city will begin offering a new emergency medical service and transport department.

Seabrook EMS will provide quality care and prompt service to Seabrook residents with paramedics and a new ambulance stationed at the Seabrook Volunteer Fire Department off East Meyer Avenue in Seabrook.

The Clear Lake Emergency Medical Corps has been providing ambulance service for Seabrook since its inception in 1972. Over the past 47 years, Seabrook has had a good partnership with CLEMC and Seabrook residents have received quality care and services by CLEMC first responders. However, with the State Highway 146 expansion and the increase in service demand, CLEMC leadership indicated that a significant increase in cost would be required to continue providing services to Seabrook.

Earlier this year, Seabrook City Council directed city staff to begin the establishment of a dedicated EMS department that would assure efficient and quality emergency services for Seabrook’s future.

The development of the new department is being managed by the Director of Emergency Services Brad Goudie. He brings over 20 years of experience to Seabrook as he first served as a paramedic in 1995 with the Euless Fire Department, and prior to joining the Seabrook team served as the fire chief for the City of Highland Village. In addition, he also served as the League City fire chief from August 2011 to January 2015.

Seabrook EMS has hired six highly experienced paramedics, three of which will serve as supervisors, Goudie said at the Aug. 26, city council meeting. “Seabrook paramedics have a combined 95 years of experience.”

Dr. Safi Madain has been appointed to serve as the medical director of Seabrook EMS. Dr. Madain has an extensive background in cardiac, stroke and sepsis care and is currently serving as the chief of Emergency Medicine at Clear Lake HCA and also as the medical director for the City of Alvin EMS.

“It is our responsibility to see that Seabrook receives high-quality medical care, as quickly as possible,”  Mayor Thom Kolupski said, “and I feel confident that our residents will receive that exceptional and timely care from our new Seabrook EMS.”

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