Blaine’s FIVE Fav Beauty Products

February 1st, 2020

By Blaine Ochoa, Miss Houston 2019

As we continue on in the new decade and new year, I want to encourage you to give your all to each and every day. Goals and dreams are only achieved with faith, hard work, focus, and intentionality. You have the power to make 2020 as great as you want it to be. The most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity, is daring to dare. – Maya Angelou.

Here are my five favorite beauty products that will help you look and feel fabulous as you conquer your goals in the new year! I use these products almost daily, and love them because they help boost my self confidence and make me feel empowered and more beautiful. I know they will also help you look and feel your best!


Kaprielle Blue Chamomile & Gold Antioxidant Face Serum
I recently started using this product on my face once a day in the evening before bed. It is super nourishing and has helped even out my skin complexion. I love this product because it is organic, vegan, helps reduce the signs of aging and reduces inflammation. It also smells amazing! The bottle is gorgeous and has 24 carat gold flakes in it. You can purchase the serum at for $68.


Misty Rockwell Cosmetics Fresh Nude Mineral Gloss
A great nude lipgloss is an essential beauty product that every woman needs to have! Whether you are running errands, going to work, or getting ready for date night, this gloss will go with anything, and will complete your look! Fresh nude mineral gloss will give your lips the pop they need and keep your lips glossy for hours. It is extremely hydrating and the consistency is wonderful. You can buy the gloss for $21 at


Soleil Organics Tanning Mousse
I have to have a wonderful self tanner all year round to keep my skin glowing and tan. Soleil has three different self tanning options and all of them are fabulous. The color creates a perfect complexion, smells great, and lasts longer than other tanners I’ve used. The product is also very hydrating and comes with an application mitt. Soleil is also organic, cruelty free and vegan, making it my number one choice of a self tanner! You can buy this product at A single bottle is $38.95


Lucky Cat Beauty Faux Lashes
I have been using lucky cat lashes faithfully for about three years now. They are the best lashes I have come across! Fake lashes will make your eyes pop and create a dramatic, beautiful effect. Lucky cat beauty has different styles of lashes, so you can choose the best option for you. The styles range from bold and big to softer and more subtle. You can also re wear the lashes and use them multiple times. You can purchase the lashes at for $22.


KÜL GLÖ Serum – Infinity Med Spa
This is a wonderful facial serum that you can apply morning and night. This serum is unique because it has a lot of different benefits and you will see many great results! It is paired with full spectrum CBD (Hemp extract) and a synergetic blend of oils with antioxidants and probiotics. The GLÖ serum strengthens your skin, and is very nourishing and hydrating. Definitely a new favorite! You can visit and purchase the GLÖ serum in location at Infinity Diagnostics Center in Houston, TX.

Enhancing Your Life

November 1st, 2019

Dr. Phi P Nguyen, M.D.

By Blaine Ochoa

Throughout life, there are pivotal moments that happen that change the course of our future. Moments can impact us in different ways and transform our lives. For example, reaching a new level in our career, attaining a dream goal, creating a family, or moving to a different country. Life is made up partly of what inevitably happens to us, and more importantly, the decisions we make – this is what changes and shapes our lives.

You have great power over the direction and outcome of your life. Your choices don’t define you, but they will always have an impact. Your mindset and the way you view yourself are beyond powerful. Having a strong mind and self confidence is healthy, and it is the foundation that guides one into making decisions. Perfection doesn’t exist, but loving yourself and striving to be the best version of you on the inside and outside is imperative to living a full life.

In the aesthetic and beauty world, getting plastic surgery has usually been a controversial topic and life choice. I believe it’s important to break the stereotypical mindset that plastic surgery is a negative, frowned upon decision. With today’s technology, medical advancements, and highly trained doctors, plastic surgery is safer and can be more beneficial than ever. I support the idea that there is nothing wrong with enhancing your outer appearance in such a way that makes you feel more confident and enhances your life.

Each day, “start by creating a better you and always look forward – never look back” says, Dr. Phi Nguyen, Owner of MIA Plastic Surgery. Dr. Phi Nuygyn was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States at the age of 10. Dr. Phi came to Houston for college and medical training where he attended Rice University, as well as University of Texas Medical School where he received his medical degree. He trained in general surgery and plastic surgery at St. Joseph Hospital. Dr. Phi then started his own private practice in 1997. He later sold his first practice and founded MIA Plastic Surgery in 2008, located in Houston, Texas. Aside from being a sought after and esteemed plastic surgeon, Dr. Phi loves spending time with his family and enjoys photography, surfing, boating, and playing tennis.

Dr. Phi says he didn’t always start out wanting to be a plastic surgeon. He originally wanted to be an artist, and has a huge passion for art and creativity. He however chose the field of medicine, and realized that plastic surgery was “the only field that allowed the doctor to use all of his creativity to help the patient not only get back to whole or normal but to also improve the patient.” In aesthetics and plastic surgery, “you are helping the patient be a better version of themselves. Everything else in medicine you’re normally treating an illness or disease.”

Aesthetic treatments can help boost ones self confidence and enhance a person’s lifestyle. “Surgery can be apart of a life transformation for someone. Most of the time it creates a lifestyle change, an inner and outer transformation. We love watching that transformation, it is the biggest satisfaction.”

In today’s society, some people still share the common misconception that plastic surgery can end up looking fake with the appearance that the patient clearly had work done. Social media has even been a platform for exposing poorly performed plastic surgery procedures. This is not accurate when the surgery is performed by the right medical professional with the best approach.

“At MIA we believe in that philosophy of minimally invasive aesthetics. We use the latest technology and advancements to achieve the best results and desired outcome.

The recovery period is much faster, there is less scaring, less down time, and the result is a more natural look. The MIA team prides itself on highlighting the patient’s natural beauty, staying conservative, and creating a youthful look with the proper aesthetic surgery. Without knowing you’ve had any work done.”

Dr. Phi also believes in the importance of giving back as well as educating minds. Dr. Phi is highly involved in charity work and sits on a few different foundation boards in the United States, as well as being philanthropically involved in Vietnam. “While still helping our patients, we would also like to become an institution and training school that educates doctors and surgeons on non invasive aesthetics and technology.”

“The success of MIA depends on our whole teamwork approach to help our patients the best possible way.” MIA offers everything from non invasive, minimally invasive, to full surgical procedures. MIA also offers facials, injections, non invansive body sculpting, and even mommy makeovers. “We are fortunate that we can offer such a variety of treatments under one roof, even doing actual full surgical procedures at our facility. We pride ourself on our quality service, and make sure our patients are taken care of months and years after procedures.” Dr. Phi also loves interacting with his patients and forming a relationship and bond.

Take control and responsibility over your mind, your decisions, and your life. Do what makes your soul happy and enhances your overall well being and self confidence. Aesthetics and medicine is an art and science that can transform a person’s life for the better. From improving ones health, self confidence boosting, to outer body aesthetics, plastic surgery can enhance a person’s life. Plastic surgery can even bring more opportunity, happiness, and better well being for someone. If you would like to contact the incredible MIA Plastic Surgery team call (832) 804-8992 or visit You can also follow MIA on social media on Instagram @miaplasticsurgery and on Facebook.

Creatively Aggressive

September 3rd, 2019

Behind the scenes filming the pilot, “Firm Fixer.”

By Blaine Ochoa

Great achievement in life and obtaining success takes effort, focus, and discipline. Even more so, it takes being aggressive and taking action. Rising to the top consists of working hard, working smart, and being creatively different and uniquely aggressive. Aggression not displayed as violence, instead, meaning tough, relentless, and driven.

Attorney, McDonald (Don) Worley is the epitome of the words creatively aggressive, resilient, and successful. As an esteemed and recognized attorney, Worley’s experience and passion has led to his success. Winning in the courtroom consists of being bold and knowledgeable, combined with honesty and creativity. “You lie, you loose. Always tell the truth, that goes for every part of life.”

Don Worley was born and raised in Texas. Worley studied at the University of Texas at Austin, Howard Payne University, and the University of Houston. He has been the owner of McDonald Worley Law Firm for 21 years, is fluent in Spanish, and has seven lawyers working for his firm. The firm specializes in Personal Injury, Vehicle Accidents, Mass Torts, and a variety of other areas of law. The McDonald Worley Law Firm has locations in Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Washington D.C., and has recently expanded into Beaumont.

In the world of law and legal matters, a client would most assuredly want an attorney who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and fights to the best of his or her ability to win their case.
“People come to me with the most tragic and catastrophic experiences of their life.” I want my clients to know that we are in it together.”

Worley is also a professional actor and stand up comedian. Being a trained actor, has “helped me become a better trial lawyer. Acting is my passion and so is being able to help others through law.”

Part of the driving force that has led to the success of the McDonald Worley Law Firm is the unique marketing approach the firm has formed and properly executed.

Shylene Correa is the Business Development Director and promotes the image and reputation of the law firm. Correa breathes creativity and utilizes different marketing techniques. She and the team has developed different video and social media marketing tactics that has changed the way attorneys are viewed and presented.

Don Worley has become the go-to legal expert and resource in the Houston community and beyond. You can find Worley’s educational and informative law videos on his social media platforms such as Instagram: @mcdonaldworleypc.

Worley has recently started a new project with well known Director, Producer, and Director of EverConvert Productions, Jay Russell. Russel and his TV crew, are currently in the process of shooting a pilot episode called, “Firm Fixer,” to sell to TV networks. Russell says, “Don gets calls all the time from other law firms asking for advice and help, they just don’t have the background that Don has. We want people to know and trust him and feel that they have a personal relationship with Don.” The TV show will be comprised of episodes related to specific, real cases that showcase topics and situations that are relevant to the public and educates the audience. The creativity and message behind the show, Firm Fixer, combined with social media marketing, brings the firms marketing efforts to ceiling shattering levels, guaranteed for success and growth. This type of marketing isn’t typically done by other law firms and introduces marketing a law firm and legal experts on a whole new level.

Ultimately, “our job is to get justice for our clients and increase satisfaction of life.”

The McDonald Worley Law Firm specializes in providing excellent service and communication within all areas of the legal industry, and helps its clients to the very best of their ability.

In life, in the courtroom, or in marketing strategies, you have to be prepared, aggressively take action, and learn how to creatively set yourself apart to rise above the rest.

If you need legal advice or assistance, contact the McDonald Worley Law Firm at or call 1-800-610-2001.

She will not only climb mountains, she will move them too

June 1st, 2019

Miss Houston Teen 2019, Rita Goebel and Miss Houston 2019, Blaine Ochoa.

By Blaine Ochoa 

Everything starts with a dream, a thought, a goal, a wish. When you want something in life, go for it, give it everything you’ve got, and when you believe in something, believe in it with your whole heart.

On Easter weekend April 20, I won the title of Miss Houston 2019. Becoming Miss Houston has been a dream of mine for the past 10 years.  It’s a very surreal feeling to see your dream come to life and daily live in your dream.

I’ve always believed “all things are possible with God” Matthew 19:26 and my mom has always called,  Philippians 4:13 – For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” my life verse.

Chasing after this dream for three and a half years has been a long journey. I’ve previously placed first runner up, and second runner up, and I’ve even fallen on stage. I’ve had a variety of ups and downs, setbacks and comebacks. It has been a challenging, emotional, exciting, and beautiful journey – the comeback is always stronger than the setback.
I’ve learned that we have to trust God’s perfect timing, even when we don’t understand. His ways are higher than our ways. I realize now that without those years of preparation, learning, changing, and growing, I wouldn’t have been ready to take on this great responsibility that I’ve been given. I am ready now, and I’ve never been more ready for this opportunity.

I’ve also learned that you have to believe in yourself and never give up. You have to know that you are good enough, strong enough, deserving, worthy, and capable of achieving your goals and dreams. Start where you are and give it your all each and every day. It takes a lot of courage, sometimes believing in yourself when no one else does. It takes stepping out in faith, when sometimes there is no clarity. The journey is not always easy, and life gets tough, but learn to persevere. Success requires discipline and resilience.

Ultimately, I’ve realized that this journey is not about me. Its about something bigger than myself. It’s about loving, helping, and encouraging others. It’s about the love of God that shines from the inside out. It’s about grace, faith, and overcoming.

I hope my story can inspire others to passionately pursue their dreams. I’m a girl from a little beach town, with humble beginnings, who believed in her self, never gave up, and believed that God could do incredible things in her life and use her in ways that only God could.

I am truly thankful for all that God has done in my life and what He is going to do. I’m honored, humbled, and beyond excited to represent the great city of Houston at Miss Texas USA 2020. I am very thankful to work with an incredible team to help me prepare for Miss Texas USA and train under the direction of the wonderful Crystle Stewart, Miss USA 2008.

I encourage everyone to be present in your life daily. Now is your time. Now is your moment. Dreams do come true, and the only way to make the impossible, possible, is to have faith.

Preparation Meets Opportunity

April 1st, 2019

Blaine Ochoa and Leo Johnson, owner of LJ Performance Training.

By Blaine Ochoa

“You don’t have to be great to start. But you have to start to be great.”

This is one of Leo Johnson’s favorite quotes. Leo (LJ) is the owner of prestigious gym, LJ Performance Training located in Houston.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Leo and training with him for the upcoming beauty pageant I’m competing in, Miss Houston USA. Fitness is 1/3 of the competition score, and I am thrilled to be training with him to help me achieve my fitness goals.

I am a firm believer in following your dreams and never giving up. This will be my third time competing for Miss Houston USA. When going after a dream or trying to accomplish a goal, there will be ups and downs, setbacks and mistakes. However, if you believe in yourself, persevere, work hard, and never give up, there are no limits to what you can achieve. My life is a testament to this and so is Leo’s.

Leo is from Amarillo, where he started training high school and college students. He played college football at Texas Southern, played basketball and ran track. Health and fitness has always been a passion of his, and he knew he wanted to train professionally. He traveled to Miami, then to Los Angeles to get certified and pursue his dream of training professional athletes. He eventually moved to Texas and called Houston home.

Leo Johnson trains one of his clientele on the rings.

“Fitness has been huge my whole life. Coming from a sports background, I had to maintain living a healthy lifestyle for one, and I grew to love it. I’ve always had aspirations for having my own facility for years. Finally preparation met opportunity, and I got the chance to open my own gym on Feb. 1, 2018. I’ve had huge support from Houston; their support has been astronomical. Not being from Houston and to have gotten the support that I’ve had is amazing.”

He loves owning LJ Performance Training and finds joy in helping others. “It’s refreshing and fulfilling to help people reach their goals and help people accomplish what they’re trying to do. I love the atmosphere and the clientele. The clientele is so diverse and I love that people will not only come to workout but to hang out and chill.”

Throughout life’s journey there will be tough times and difficult moments. Focus, perseverance, and patience plays a great role on the journey to success. “Never give up. I’ve been through so much in life, and, literally, the only reason why I’m still here is because I never gave up.”

He remembers the day he told his children that he wanted to pursue his dream of training professional athletes. Years later, one of his proudest moments was when his daughter called him crying, telling him she was so proud of him when his dream came true and he became a gym owner and personal trainer to some of the top professional athletes in the business.

Ultimately what matters is not about how many times you fall down, what matters is getting back up, deciding what to do next, and moving confidently forward in the direction of achieving your dreams.

“Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

Makeup tips and tricks for Valentine’s Day!

February 1st, 2019

Love Conquers All!

By Blaine Ochoa 

February is the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day, relationships, and love. I want to encourage you to reflect on the relationships in your life. Be thankful for your family, friends, and significant other. All year long we should try to love and uplift one another, and cherish the moments spent together.

If you are spending the evening with someone special or spending it by yourself, I hope you make it a magical evening. I want to share with you some of my favorite makeup tips and tricks to give you a fabulous, perfect “date night” look – just in time for Valentine’s Day! (Even if your date night is with yourself and a bottle of wine).

Eye Makeup

* After you cleanse and moisturize your face and apply the proper primer and foundation, I would suggest doing a smoky eye look for date night. In order to achieve this look you would start with a light color eyeshadow in the inner part of your eye lid. Then add a light brown or black and blend into the outer corner of your eyelid. Next I would add a personal favorite, Marc Harvey’s gold and silver glitter eyeshadow lightly on top of your lid and on the arch of your eye, to give a glam pop of shimmer.


* I love fake lashes! They will make your eyes pop and look bigger and voluptuous. Gently apply eyelash glue to your fake lashes and apply just above your real lashes on your eyes. Then let dry and voila. My favorite lash line is Lucky Cat Beauty Faux Lashes.


* I would also recommend adding a subtle bronzer right under your check bones and adding a light blush gently on top of your check bones. NARS cosmetics has a great line of blushes and Makeup By Sheila I would recommend for a bronzer.


* To complete your date night look, I would add a fun, vibrant lip color! You could do a nude, light pink, or red. Start with a matching lip liner and finish with a gloss on top of your lipstick. I tend to use MAC cosmetics for lipsticks.

Fun fact: Lucky Cat Beauty in Houston has a fabulous new line of lipsticks that were named after influential women in Houston. There is actually a gorgeous red color named after me – called “Blaine.” I will definitely be wearing it this Valentine’s Day!

I hope you use these makeup tips and recommendations to help you look extra special, and have a wonderful date night to remember. You can also use these suggestions all year round! If you have any questions or would like to contact me please visit Beauty with Blaine or email me at

~Love is the greatest thing on earth. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Getting Fit in 2019

January 2nd, 2019

By Blaine Ochoa

Welcome TO 2019! It is the beginning of a new year and the start of new goals. Let’s take a minute to reflect upon the previous year. Did you accomplish what you wanted to accomplish? Was it a great year? Did you step outside your comfort zone? Did you live and love more?

Moving into the new year, I encourage you to start every day with a grateful heart and to step out in faith, believe in yourself, and live life boldly and courageously. You can achieve any goal and anything you set your mind to. Embrace change and embrace that every day is a fresh start.

A common goal most people have at this time of the year is getting in shape. I would love to share with you a few tips that have helped me and my fitness journey.

Blaine’s 5 Fitness Tips:

Balance and discipline
Balance exercising into your lifestyle. Find an appropriate time of the day that works best with you and your schedule and dedicate that time to working out. It can be in the morning, evening or even during a lunch break. Set time aside and make it a priority. If you want change in your life you are going to have to do something you’ve never done and you will have to practice discipline. You will have to make certain sacrifices, but it will be worth it.

Goal setting and planning
Set goals that are attainable. Set a reachable goal for you and make weekly goals along with monthly goals. Get a calendar to plan out the days you work out. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. I would encourage exercising at least three times a week. This is a healthy amount of exercise for the average person.

Find fitness routines and workouts that you enjoy. Whether it’s walking 30 minutes a day, swimming, or joining a group fitness class – there are many options that aren’t strenuous and are enjoyable to do. I personally love Pilates, Yoga, dancing, and walking.

It’s all about positivity, perception and how you look at your journey. Don’t think of working out as a burden or stressful situation. Look at it as a blessing and be thankful you can exercise, some people are less fortunate. Stay positive, and embrace the journey. It takes a strong minded individual to make a change and you will notice yourself becoming stronger daily, physically and mentally the longer you stay committed to your goal.

Accountability partner
Find someone who will push you and better you. Someone who will encourage you and uplift you. It is helpful to have a partner who will exercise with you or at least check in with you to make sure you are sticking to your workout schedule.

I hope these 5 Tips will help you succeed at your fitness goals! Nothing is impossible and always remember to rejoice in your victories, even the small ones! You CAN do it. Happy New Year and have an exceptionally blessed 2019.

If you have any fitness questions please contact me at or follow me on Instagram @blainejanell


December 1st, 2018

By Blaine Ochoa

It’s finally December, the end of another year. Christmas is right around the corner and many of us will be spending time with loved ones. It is personally my very favorite time of the year, aside from my birthday, of course. I love Christmas music, the spirit that people seem to have at this time, the food, the decorations, the lights, Christmas trees, presents, and the joy and happiness that comes with Christmas. I’ve always found it to be magical.

As we end 2018 I want to share with you something I’ve learned that has helped me grow into the woman I am today. It is not the easiest thing to do, but it is very rewarding and necessary to a healthy and meaningful life. It is the practice of forgiveness.

I urge you to learn how to forgive. There is power and strength in being able to forgive others. It is therapeutic and good for the soul. Healing comes when we can forgive people who have hurt us in the past, this includes ourselves. Learning how to forgive yourself and others is an important lesson in moving on. When you make mistakes, don’t let your mistakes weigh you down and leave you crippled or depressed. Learn how to let go of perfection, to love, and to forgive. Freedom is found in forgiving others.

As we celebrate Christmas, let’s not forget the ultimate story of forgiveness and love. God sent his only son, Jesus Christ, into the world in the form of a beautiful baby boy. He would later go to the cross and die for our sins, and three days later rise again, to show the world true love, hope, salvation, and forgiveness. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, so that who so ever believes in Him should not perish but have ever lasting life. God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.” – John 3:16 – 17

Merry Christmas!
Xoxo, Blaine

Music Announcement
I am happy to announce my good friend and Christian country singer, Micheal Ryan is releasing a Christmas Album. I am honored to be featured on his album and to help with this wonderful project. Our main duet is, “Oh Holy Night.” This has always been my favorite Christmas song and I am very excited to be apart of it. Our song, “Oh Holy Night” will be available for purchase on Spotify, iTunes, and


November 1st, 2018

By Blaine Ochoa

As we enter into the Holiday season and celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to bring attention to this beautiful time of the year, and to focus on what it truly means to be thankful. To be thankful for what we have been given, and to live in America, a country where we are free and have certain liberties.

In today’s society, I feel we get caught up in wanting more – wanting to be more successful, wealthier, prettier, smarter, and stronger. We always want more. There is nothing wrong with wanting more and wanting to be better, but it becomes detrimental when that is all we focus on. We tend to forget the important things in life, and forget how blessed we are.

I have seen firsthand people who have nothing, and yet they still have joy in their hearts and are thankful for the simplest of things. A few years ago I had the opportunity to travel to the beautiful country of South Africa. Going on a mission trip to Africa was always a dream of mine and something I was passionate about doing. I went through an organization called Global Expeditions, and it was my junior year of college at Texas State University during my Christmas and New Years Break. I flew out of Houston and met my team in Washington D.C. and we flew to Johannesburg, South Africa. I was there for two weeks.

We went into the impoverished squatter camp communities of Kya Sands and Diepsloot. While there, my team and I were able to share our Christian faith, pray with the people, bring water, and help with daily tasks needing to be done. We saw how another part of the world lived. Dirt roads and dirt floors with tiny houses made of cardboard, mud, and wood. It was humbling and heartbreaking. I saw people who had nothing, but were grateful. They were thankful for a hug, a helping hand, water, and shelter. I remember the tears, the smells, the sounds, and the hearts of people I met.

We were able to love on the children and adults, sing songs and dance. We volunteered with Impact Africa and helped with their Impact Kids program. It is a non profit organization that provides quality Christian education to underprivileged and at risk children who are in preschool. The organization also has an Impact Baby Rescue program. This program rescues babies that are abandoned when moms are unable to care for their child.

On my flight home I remember thinking about all I had experienced and seen. My eyes were open to a whole new meaning of life and a new perspective of being thankful for what I had – to live life with joy, abandonment of fear, and to thank God for all that he has given me.

After getting back to the States I decided to sponsor a little girl’s education through Impact Africa. She lived in Kya Sands, one of the villages I visited, and her name is Ayanda. Being able to sponsor her while back in the States was very meaningful to me. I recently started sponsoring a little girl named Amanda from Guatemala through the organization, Food For The Hungry. I am passionate about child sponsorship because I have seen the places and the children who are positively effected by child sponsorship organizations in the world. My friend and role model, Joanne King Herring says, “help people help themselves”, to teach, uplift and encourage others to be the best they can be. Nelson Mandela once said, “education is the most important weapon in which to change the world”, aside from love.

I went to South Africa in hopes of changing lives and helping others; however, it was my life and my heart that was changed. This Thanksgiving I want to encourage everyone to be thankful for what you have. Be thankful that you have a roof over your head, food, clean water, and healthcare. Be thankful for your home, your education, and your job. Be thankful for your family, friends, and loved ones. Be thankful for this one precious life that you have and never forget how very blessed you are.

If you would like to contact me please email or go to my website Also, if you would like to sponsor a child’s education or provide food for a child in need, please contact me and I can recommend incredible organizations through which to do so.

Bachelor & bachelorette auction raises thousands for diabetes research

October 1st, 2018

The Bay Area’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes on stage at Sundance Grill II.

Well Houston had its list and Galveston had its list, so it was time for the Bay Area to have its list of most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. The honorees were chosen for their contribution to the cities in Galveston county. They are Lance Fegen, Ange Mertens, Hank Dugie, Wendy Shaw, Dr. Louie Robinson, Erin Webb, Kevin Smith, Blaine Ochoa and Justin Gripon.

Ange Mertens had the idea to use the community involved honorees to raise some money for the American Diabetes Association. She put together the fun Date Auction night that was held at the beautiful Sundance Grill II, where the venue and food was graciously donated by Hans Mair. The bidding went wild when the Bachelors and Bachelorettes each walked the runway. Dates with Lance Fegen and Wendy Shaw went for the highest bids of the night at a wonderful $3,000 each. Lance Fegen is the Culinary Director for the Liberty Kitchen restaurants and offered a dinner for eight people in their home with him as the chef, and that exciting auction item went for $2,300. The bidders and audience alike had a great time as the honorees strutted their stuff and brought in $18,000 for the American Diabetes Association!

League City Mayor Pat Hallisey was the Emcee and shared his story of the heart attack he had last year while working hard after Hurricane Harvey. Hallisey is a Type 2 diabetic and had to have his leg amputated from complications from his diabetes and warned the audience of the evils of uncontrolled Diabetes. The illustrious Rick Clapp from Bay Area Houston Magazine did a great job as the auctioneer. Ange, who is a Type 1 diabetic, spoke at the end of the auction and thanked everyone for coming, asked everyone to be cautious of the signs of diabetes and told everyone about the research and support you can find at Mertens also thanked the sponsors, Liberty Kitchen Restaurants, Tax Recourse, Elite Care 24 -hour Emergency Room, and Sundance Grill II. Attendees then enjoyed a night of listening to and dancing to the tunes of MECHANIX.