ABC’s of Beauty: Dos and Don’ts

April 6th, 2020

By Alisa Star

 A-All Natural:  You might think a product with this phrase on the label is super healthy. But it may not be. Marketing buzz words such as “all natural” and “for sensitive skin” are not regulated by the FDA, so labels and advertising can be confusing — or even misleading. Before using a product, apply a small amount on your forearm for one week to test it for compatibility with your skin type.

 B-Brightening: You can get glowing skin with cosmeceuticals that contain retinol and peptides —  antioxidants that help even out skin tones. Alpha Hydroxy acids, which may help, reduce fine lines and Beta Hydroxy acids, which remove dead skin.

 C-Cosmetic Surgery: Going under the knife grows more popular year after year. One of the latest trends is taking fat from the belly area and enhancing other areas without putting in foreign objects, such as the breast implants and buttock implants. This procedure is 72% safer for the body not rejecting implants or busting and causing severe infections.

 D-DIY Masks: You deserve a little homemade TLC. Hydrate Your skin with this face mask. Stir together 1/2 ripe avocado, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp coconut cream, and 1 tsp honey, mix until it forms a paste. Apply to your face and let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse.

E-Even out skin color: Lighten dark spots or even slowing down melanin production by applying a good skin care product with at least one of these ingredients in it, and it will help.(Azelaic acid, glycolic acid, kojic acid, retinol and vitamin C).

 F-Five Years: That’s how long a semi permanent filler can keep smile lines at bay. Using a semi-permanent filler is better and lasts longer than botox.

 G-Good Natural Food: Organic foods help with overall good looking skin. Eating lots of good fruits and vegetables help to keep glowing radiant youthful looking skin while being healthy.

 H-Hair Loss: Your hairstyle could be the culprit. Here’s a few healthy tips: Nix long-lasting sprays; these products lead to breakage. Limit flat iron use to every other day, excessive heat can damage hair. Limit wearing hair extensions; this pulls on the hair and can get matted and causes permanent hair loss.

 I-Indoor Tanning:  Nearly 384,000 cases of skin cancer were caused by indoor tanning devices, (beds, booths or sun lamps) in 2019. And still 30 million Americans slide into tanning beds at least once a year. Natural sun is good for you and is full of vitamin D!

 J-Just Do It: Skin Checks: If you haven›t checked your skin in a while, well it’s time!  Look for suspicious marks, moles or odd colored bumps. This could be a cancerous spot. Don’t forget to take a mirror and look in the back areas as well, or if you have a partner, check each other.

K-Keratosis Pilaris: This is just a long name for a harmless skin condition that can appear on the upper arms or thighs as cluster of tiny dry bumps that people often mistake for pimples or goosebumps. They’re actually plugs of dead skin cells. Applying a moisturizer that has lactic acid should help to reduce them.

 L-Lip Enhancements: Doctors now have an updated guideline when it comes to creating perfect pouts. The lips deemed most beautiful. Nearly 80% of women over men get this procedure done. There are less invasive treatments today, such as creams that puff up your kisser naturally.

 M-Moles:  The average adult has between 10 and 30 moles. Yet a new survey revealed that only 1 out of 2 people have ever consulted with a doctor for a mole screening. Moles can become cancerous when they become a dark color.

N-Non-invasive Skin Cancer Test: Bye-bye biopsies. Researchers have created an imaging technique that employs a laser-based microscope to help doctors identify melanomas and basal cell carcinomas within minutes.

 O-Options for Stretch Marks: If you don’t want stretch marks, don’t have a baby..LOL! There are good microdermabrasion creams you can use, and light and laser therapies or retinol creams, all of which help improve the appearance of stretch marks.

 P-Psoriasis:  Unfortunately, red scaly skin that can often hurt is an autoimmune disease called Psoriasis. Researchers have linked the condition, which affects more than 6 million Americans, to an increased risk of other ailments, including heart disease, diabetes and even celiac disease.

 Q-Quick Lesson on Cellulite:  While there’s no proven solution for cellulite, dermatologists have found potential benefits from acoustic wave therapy which uses sound waves emitted from a hand held device to break up fat deposits.

 R-Rosacea:  A whopping 84% of Americans with rosacea, which causes redness and bumps on the neck and face, are currently untreated. While the exact cause of this is still unknown, new research shows that drinking alcohol can increase redness and flare ups.

 S-Sunscreen: Even though sunscreen can help prevent the horrible rays that cause cancer, only about 65% of Americans apply it on a daily basis. To properly protect your skin, you need about an ounce to cover exposed areas of your skin. You may want to apply again after 2 hours of being in the sun.

 T-Topical Curcumin Gel: The main ingredient in Turmeric does more than give this spice its color. Did you know that applying curcumin gel right after a sunburn helps reduce pain and inflammation?

 U-UV Nail Lamps: Gel manicures may last long, but there’s a possible downside — damage to your skin’s DNA from the ultraviolet lamps. The safer option is regular polish and gel polish.

 V-Vitality: It’s crucial for a body to maintain energy and vitality levels. The body must maintain healthy levels of vitamins, hydration and healthy foods. Good organic greens and healthy salads are a must for the hot months coming up, and drinking eight glasses of water a day is essential for strong vitality.

 W-Wrinkles: Could the fountain of youth be found in tomato sauce? Perhaps. Consumption of lycopene, a key nutrient in tomatoes, has been shown to block harmful UV rays by building up the skins defense, and protect from wrinkles.

X-extra Dry Skin: For those who suffer from eczema, good news! A drug in the form of injection (Nemolizumab) reduces the itching by 63%.

Y- Yes to the Little Black Dress: Every woman needs one of these in her closet. You never know when you might need to pull it out for a night on the town dancing or a dinner date. This is a must-have item that needs to be present at all times!

Z-Zumba Dance Classes: If you’re one of those people who can’t get motivated to exercise, try Zumba. This fun exciting class gets you motivated through music and dance, and gets the blood pumping. And you’ll watch the pounds fall off by having fun!

Blaine’s FIVE Fav Beauty Products

February 1st, 2020

By Blaine Ochoa, Miss Houston 2019

As we continue on in the new decade and new year, I want to encourage you to give your all to each and every day. Goals and dreams are only achieved with faith, hard work, focus, and intentionality. You have the power to make 2020 as great as you want it to be. The most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity, is daring to dare. – Maya Angelou.

Here are my five favorite beauty products that will help you look and feel fabulous as you conquer your goals in the new year! I use these products almost daily, and love them because they help boost my self confidence and make me feel empowered and more beautiful. I know they will also help you look and feel your best!


Kaprielle Blue Chamomile & Gold Antioxidant Face Serum
I recently started using this product on my face once a day in the evening before bed. It is super nourishing and has helped even out my skin complexion. I love this product because it is organic, vegan, helps reduce the signs of aging and reduces inflammation. It also smells amazing! The bottle is gorgeous and has 24 carat gold flakes in it. You can purchase the serum at for $68.


Misty Rockwell Cosmetics Fresh Nude Mineral Gloss
A great nude lipgloss is an essential beauty product that every woman needs to have! Whether you are running errands, going to work, or getting ready for date night, this gloss will go with anything, and will complete your look! Fresh nude mineral gloss will give your lips the pop they need and keep your lips glossy for hours. It is extremely hydrating and the consistency is wonderful. You can buy the gloss for $21 at


Soleil Organics Tanning Mousse
I have to have a wonderful self tanner all year round to keep my skin glowing and tan. Soleil has three different self tanning options and all of them are fabulous. The color creates a perfect complexion, smells great, and lasts longer than other tanners I’ve used. The product is also very hydrating and comes with an application mitt. Soleil is also organic, cruelty free and vegan, making it my number one choice of a self tanner! You can buy this product at A single bottle is $38.95


Lucky Cat Beauty Faux Lashes
I have been using lucky cat lashes faithfully for about three years now. They are the best lashes I have come across! Fake lashes will make your eyes pop and create a dramatic, beautiful effect. Lucky cat beauty has different styles of lashes, so you can choose the best option for you. The styles range from bold and big to softer and more subtle. You can also re wear the lashes and use them multiple times. You can purchase the lashes at for $22.


KÜL GLÖ Serum – Infinity Med Spa
This is a wonderful facial serum that you can apply morning and night. This serum is unique because it has a lot of different benefits and you will see many great results! It is paired with full spectrum CBD (Hemp extract) and a synergetic blend of oils with antioxidants and probiotics. The GLÖ serum strengthens your skin, and is very nourishing and hydrating. Definitely a new favorite! You can visit and purchase the GLÖ serum in location at Infinity Diagnostics Center in Houston, TX.

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