Clear Lake Chatter

October 1st, 2019

The Bay Oaks Women’s Association kicked off the season with the focus on fashion and, from left, Cindy Zook, Eileen Hult, President Susan McCoy and Suzanne Leatherman all ready for fall.

BOWA gets update on latest in fashion

BAY OAKS Women’s Association members got quite an update on the latest styles when fashionista Sherre Frede shared her expertise about accessories and fashion trends at their September luncheon, all the while looking quite fashionable herself.

The luncheon at Bay Oaks Country Club in Clear Lake kicked off the fall season for BOWA as President Susan McCoy welcomed the happy crowd that included Jackie Daley, Courtney Atchley, Judie Ferguson, Betty Woodhouse, Barbara Dickey, Jan Bailey, Elizabeth Fredericks, Gaye Wylie, Badiha Nassar, Sandy Carney, Becky Reitz, Janet Greenwood, Kathleen Smith, Myrna Baker, Leslie Huff and Annette Dwyer.

Early arrivals signed in by Sharon Dillard included Sue Laabs, Trisha Gunn, Ruth Beecher, Chris Howell, Kay Lee Benoit, Allyson Jackson, Francesca Allen, Eileen Hult, Sheryl Lane, Terri Steinkamp, Suzanne Leatherman, Cindy Zook, Allyson Jackson and Sue Broughton, followed shortly thereafter by Judge Holly Williamson, Lisa Cannon, Janice Gornto, Vanessa Bartholomew, Sherry Chapman, Lynn Smith, Glenna Crist, Melody White and Rhonda Smith.

Some of the others spotted mingling with the crowd included Debbie Roan, Linda Byrd, Georgia Piwonka, Karen Reed, Brenda Brown, Janet Schepcoff, Mitzi Romanko, Cheri Burke, Elaine Rister, Melissa Peevler, Diane Overman, Valerie Brumfield, Charline Robinson and Sherry Chapman, to name a few.

Next is BOWA’s annual fall fashion show, which is coming up at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 3, starting with a champagne reception at the country club. Vice Presidents Sue Laabs and Cheri Burke tell us that models Jodi Schnabel, Darla McKitrick, Mary Colombo, Linda Fincher, Chris Howland, Yvonne, Chris Rylant, Elisa Peavler, Talena Gulash, Lisa Kaczmarek, Susan McCoy and Cindy Zook will be showing off fall fashions from The Clotheshorse and Brave Boutique.
Music lovers welcome new faces to HSLBA

HOUSTON SYMPHONY League Bay Area members welcomed several prospective members when they hosted a Wine and Cheese Party at St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church in Nassau Bay – kicking off the social season in the Bay Area.

President Nina McGlashan joined Chairman Pat Biddle in welcoming the arriving guests, including Frank Perez and Priscilla Ennis, Greg and Linda Heausler, Jerry and Mary Ann Brown, Dave and Cindy Kuenneke, Paul and Eva Koll, Alice Steele and Dr. Patrick McKinney.

They hardly had time to say hello when in walked Jean Raffetto, Myra Barber, Angela Mendoza, Brenda Hart, Roxanne Cheatham, Deborah Jozwiak, Karen Brumley, Jane Lackow, Vicki Buxton, Patience Myers, Ron Karl, Rhee Haun, Carol Cohen, Mary Ruth Greenwell and Jean Gray.

Now they’re all looking forward to another year of great music.

Early arrivals at the Clear Lake Area Panhellenic’s annual Fall Friendship Tea at the home of Priscilla Ennis included, from left, Lori Johnson, Wendy Shaw, Ondi Lyons and Barbara Dickey – their outfits carrying out the Mad Hatters Tea Party theme.

Panhellenic parties at its annual fall tea

CLEAR LAKE Panhellenic members launched the new season with their annual Fall Friendship Tea Sept. 8 at the home of Priscilla Ennis at her new home in The Reserve.
Event Chairman Sue Ellen Jennings and Panhellenic President Sheryl Williams joined Priscilla in welcoming the happy crowd – all pleased to see one another again after the summer break.

Looking around, you might have spotted Diane Overman, D’Lisa Johnston, Judie Ferguson, Karlee Marcom, Jo Nell Hunter, Darla McKitrick, Amy Judd, Mary Keaton, Wendy Shaw, Ruth Beecher and Barbara Dickey among the arriving crowd at the event, which had a Mad Hatter Tea Party theme.

After catching up on each other’s summer adventures, the talk quickly turned to Panhellenic’s big fall fashion show, coming up on Friday, Nov. 1 with a “Style in Wonderland” theme at South Shore Harbour Resort in League City, produced by Lenny Matuszewski and chaired by Mackenzie Walker. Sue Ellen even came dressed as Alice in Wonderland, to help publicize the style show. Which, of course, delighted everyone.

Some of the others you might have run into at the annual tea included Lisa O’Brien, Holly Williamson, Lisa O’Brien, Kathie Wiley, Lori Johnson, Ondi Lyons, Sally Jordan and Susan Vaughn.

Clear Lake Chatter: BOWA Fashion Show Launches New Season

October 1st, 2018

BOWA Secretary Chris Howland, from left, welcomes model Jordan Quillen and Misty Killebrew to the annual Fall Fashion Show Luncheon at Bay Oaks Country Club.

BAY OAKS Women’s Association kicked off its new season with an elegant Fashion Show Luncheon at Bay Oaks Country Club that opened with a champagne reception as members and guests began arriving.

President Susan McCoy and Vice President Amy Schweers joined Hospitality Chairman Terri Steinkamp and her committee in welcoming the arriving crowd, which included Mary Colombo, Gaye Wylie, Emmeline Dodd, Cheri Burke, Ann Lyon, Judge Holly Williamson, Janet Greenwood, Marilyn Lunney, Lea Bodie, Betty Woodhouse, Janet Gortno, Misty Killebrew, Nancy Smith, Eileen Hult and Sharon Dillard.

Before they hardly had had time to say hello to one another, in walked Jackie Daley, Margaret Vail, Sharon Phelps, Carol Murphy, Angela Bivens, Norman Ogletree, Dr. Kimberly Weathers, Glenna Crist, Debbie May, Ann Dooley, Ruth Beecher, Sue Laabs, Mary Alyce Hall, Rita Armstrong, Linda Guice, Jean Dupre, Peggy Green, Amy Roppolo, Debbie Roan and Past President Jodi Schnabel.

Hospitality Chairman Terri Steinkamp, right, goes over plans for the BOWA Fall Fashion Show with model Diane Saltzer on arrival at Bay Oaks Country Club.

Soon, they were watching models Sue Broughton, Valerie Brumfield, Susan Franklin, Julie Gallager, Susan McCoy¸Lola McLain, Martha McWilliams, Darla McKitrick, Jordan Quillen, Diane Saltzer and Cindy Zook present fall fashions from Dillard’s at Baybrook Mall, with Bay Oaks General Manager Stephen Morris escorting them.

Much to the delight of Lucille Terraso, Rose Sobotik, Sandy Buyajian, Elaine Rister, Georgia Piwonka, Carol Bobo, Julia Guzman, Mary Smith, Heather Hernandez, Beverly Braden, Lisa Schulte, Linda Fincher, Gail West and Secretary Chris Howland, who then enjoyed Shrimp Escabeche and Blueberry Crumble.

Bay Oaks Country Club members will get “A Taste of Asia” Saturday, Nov. 3 when BOWA hosts its annual gala at the club.

Chairman Pam Clary says the focus will be on the Far East with Chinese dancers performing, beautiful red and gold decorations, plus gaming tables and the popular Main Street Band. Guests will be sipping on Singapore Slings, wine and champagne before enjoying Beef Teriyaki and Coconut Encrusted Shrimp. Sounds like a delightful evening is ahead.

Symphony League Bay Area Starting New Year

HOUSTON SYMPHONY League Bay Area members also got their season off to a happy start as Anita Gale hosted a Wine & Cheese Party for prospective members at her lovely home in Nassau Bay with Vice President Ann Morgan chairing the event.

Nearly 80 members and guests enjoyed tasty appetizers and desserts provided by members as all were entertained by member Alice Steele’s trio Arcadia. Another highlight of the evening came when the children of Dr. Gerard and Nicole Abreo, ages 3-15 and known as the Abreo Family Strings, played several classical pieces on their violins, with beautiful music filling the home.

All nine Abreo children have been students of Beatrice Stanley since the age of three, and she says they are a joy to teach. Afterwards, the Abreo children and the Arcadia trio performed together – much to the delight of all.

League President Nina McGlashan and her husband, Bob, were there to welcome the crowd that included Al and Natalie Ong, Dr. Patrick McKinney, Julia Guzman, Sandy Conway, Betty Geehan, Sallie Watts, Gayle Nelson, Jean Raffetto, Donna Ward, Betty Gilfillan, Karen Brumley, Angela Mendoza, Dana Puddy, Lisa Brandenberger, Jane Lackow, Jean Gray, Bill Straight, plus Pat Biddle and her husband, Ron Kahl, to name a few.

Hostess Stacy Bush Lyon, left, welcomes Jenny Frantz to her home for Clear Lake Area Panhellenic’s Fall Friendship Tea.

A new season for Panhellenic
CLEAR LAKE Area Panhellenic members were all smiles as they began another season with their annual Fall Friendship Tea at the lovely Clear Lake home of Stacy Bush Lyon.

This year’s theme was “Around the World in 80 Days,” which also will be the theme of their popular fall fashion show luncheon Friday, Nov. 2, in South Shore Harbour Resort’s Crystal Ballroom.

President D’Lisa Johnson was there to greet the arriving crowd, as was Chairman Kay Lee Benoit and the hostess, plus several members of the executive board. Hot topic of conversation was, of course, the upcoming style show luncheon, in which most all members have a part. In fact, members brought food from different countries for the tea, to get everyone in the groove — including Sally Jordan, Linda McCormack, Sheryl Williams, Ruth Beecher and Judge Holly Williamson.

Some of the others enjoying the annual gathering included Peggy Clause, Jill Reason, Laurie Vaughn, Jill Smitherman, Sue Broughton, Judie Ferguson, Jo Nell Hunter, Jo Cat Bruce, Karen Douglass and Jenny Franz.

Clear Lake Chatter

November 1st, 2017

BAY AREA MUSEUM was packed the other morning as Bay Area Museum Guild members kicked off the new season with a shower for the museum.
That’s when they bring things like napkins, paper towels, dishwashing liquid, etc. that will be used for events held there throughout the year. Some even had fancy wrappings like they would take a gift to a bridal shower.

Co-Presidents Jan Larson and Carole Murphy were there to welcome the arriving crowd, which included Diana Dornak, Janet Greenwood, Peggy Clause, Ava Galt, Sandi Allbritton, along with Sally Jordan and her daughter, Susan Long, Cindy Kuenneke, Nina McGlashan, Ann Morgan, Judy Peterson and Barbara Spencer – all ready for another year.

Others spotted enjoying the program by Suzanne Langford included Laraine Eggars, Pam Leach, Virginia Ritter, Mary Walter, Lilian Terxerra, Gail Devens, Judy Young, Angela Braun, Doyle Richter, Cindy Culberson, Laura Maile, Lois and Neldon Costin, Vicky Yahn, Lily Sun, Cherry Nims, Lisa Golich and Yvonne Guy.

Carol Bobo, from left, stops to say hello to Bobbie Moutz and Sandy Lantz as she arrives at the Bay Oaks Women’s Association Fall Coffee at the country club.

BOWA Fall Coffee a fun event for all
ANOTHER POPULAR fall event is the Bay Oaks Women’s Association’s Fall Coffee, which was started about 25 years ago as just a pleasant way to relax and make friends.

Back then, everyone paid $5 to sit around for a couple of relaxing hours sipping coffee, munching on crepes, getting to know their tablemates and showing off the latest fashions.

Over the years it evolved into a luncheon with a speaker. This month’s speaker was Jeff Moore, president of TopGun Security & Investigations and a powerful figure in the security profession, as well as the private investigation world.

Among the many enjoying the event were Carol Bobo, Myrna Baker, Janet Greenwood, Brigid McVaugh, Norma Ogletree, Katherine Kieselhorst, Courtney Atchley, Bobbie Moutz, Sandy Lantz, Sharon Dillard, Cindy Zook, Amy Roppolo, Suzanne Leatherman and Judie Ferguson.

Some of the others spotted mingling with the crowd included Sue Labbs, Eileen Hult, Emmeline Dodd, Jackie Daley, Susan McCoy, Sharon Phelps, Glenna Crist, Kay Lee Benoit, Mary Colombo, Karen Reed and Ruth Beecher.

Many are busy these days planning their annual gala, which is scheduled Saturday, Nov. 4.

As President Jodie Schnabel was out of town, Vice President Amy Schweers welcomed the crowd and introduced the speaker.

Mary McMullen, center, with her daughter-in-law, Virginia McMullen, right, and sister-in-law, Amanda Wallace, join the crowd at the Bay Area Museum Guild’s Just A Pretty Table Luncheon at Bay Oaks Country Club in Clear Lake.

Pretty Tables and then some
MOST JAW-DROPPING event of the season? Hands down winner is always the Bay Area Museum Guild’s Just a Pretty Table Luncheon, which offers so much more than just pretty tables.

It’s been that way for 12 years since Angie Weinman introduced us all to “Pretty Tables,” and we’re still addicted to it. The participants spend hours and hours thinking up a theme, getting all the needed people and pieces and then molding it all together into a pretty picture before you get to sit back and enjoy the final product.

Robyn Weigelt, right, and Johnette Norman share a light moment in front of their Moulin Rouge table at the Just A Pretty Table Luncheon at Bay Oaks Country Club.

We walked in to find Krista Williamson, Cheryl Lis, Beverly Jo Parsons, Badiha Nassar, Annette Dwyer, Wendy Draela, Diana Dornak, Phyllis White, Maureen Hogan, Kathleen Courville, Lori Culberson and Dr. Cindy Castille showing off their beautiful handiwork.

Some of the others adding their talent included Carole Murphy, Sally Jordan, Kimberley Weathers, Peggy Green, Cathy Osoria, Barbie Clariday, Janice Gornto, Lynn Smith, Tracey Webb, Kristy Tankersley, Stephanb Roush, Jana Miller, Marie Sharp, Jill Reason, Nancy and Raven Sanders and Julie Johnson.

If you haven’t seen it, don’t miss the next one. Fun!


Mike DeMasi, from right, and his son, Hunter, talk with Ron Finn as they await the Bay Area Houston Ballet & Theatre’s season opener, Swan Lake, at UHCL’s Bayou Theatre. All had family members in the ballet.

Ballet launches ‘17-‘18 season
BAY AREA HOUSTON Ballet’s talented dancers launched a new season with the opening of Swan Lake at the UH-Clear Lake Bayou Theatre and a kickoff party down the way overlooking the university’s Atrium I.

Ballet Executive Director Jill Reason, Board Chairman Clarence Wilson and Vice Chairman Cindy DeMasi, who arrived with her husband, Mike DeMasi and their son, Hunter, welcomed the arriving crowd that included Badiha Nassar, Monica Jackson, Scott and Jennifer Stillman, Ellen King, Mary Ann Shallberg, Ken and Avery Ballard, Darlene Kaboutari, Susan Long, Ron Finn and Lillie Harmon, to name a few.

All seemed to really enjoy the popular production and were looking forward to the opening of The Nutcracker Friday, Dec. 1.


Clear Lake Chatter

October 1st, 2017

Karen Reed, from left, goes over plans for the Bay Oaks Women’s Association style show with Sandy Carney and Dorinda Corbett of The Clotheshorse in League City as the crowd begins arriving at the country club.

Style show becomes a fundraiser

EACH YEAR the Bay Oaks Women’s Association begins the new season with a fashion show luncheon, so members can catch up on all their friends’ summer news and be up to date on the latest fall fashions.

This year, however, board members considered canceling it, wondering if it would be appropriate with so much suffering in nearby communities because of Hurricane Harvey. While debating it, they learned that several country club employees were among Harvey’s victims, and decided to turn it into a fundraiser to help those employees get back on their feet.

And, afterward, most seemed happy to get some normalcy back in their lives.

President Jodi Schnabel, who brought Tori Bogle as her guest, was there to greet the arriving crowd that included Jackie Daley, Sandy Lantz, Emmeline Dodd, Marilyn Lunney, Gloria Cruz, Susan McCoy, Angela Swint, Sue Broughton, Cindy Zook, Janine Hoefnagles, and Darla McKitrick.
Followed shortly thereafter by Sharon Dillard, Amy Roppolo, Ruth Beecher, Dee Wolfe, Lynn Stovall, Glenna Crist, Debbie Roan, Sue Laabs, Karen Reed, Linda Fincher, Beverly Braden and Pam Clary.

Kathy Braeuer, from left, visits with Gloria Cruz, Angela Swint and Sandi Wiemer during the Bay Oaks Women’s Association Fall Fashion Show Luncheon to launch BOWA’s fall season.

Before long, it was time for the fashion show that featured the latest styles from The Clotheshorse in League City introduced by Sandy Carney and Dorinda Corbett and modeled by Judie Ferguson, Dee Wolfe, Mary Colombo, Jodi Schnabel, Chris Howland, Melissa McKinnie, Priscilla Ennis and Kathryn Robinson – much to the delight of Trisha Gunn, Bobby Moutz, Susan Franklin, Lisa Kaczmarek, Ann Dooley, Laura Jardine, Linda Herzfeld, Jane Dannecker and Marie Counts Bradley.

Mary Alyce Hall brought Janet Atteberry as her guest and Lynn Brannan had Barbara Kimball as her guest while Priscilla Ennis arrived with Sandi Widmer, Lisa Maki, Jan Elsperman, Betsey Ennis, Kay Nute and Kathy Braeuer and Carlene Langford, brought Cindy Woodall and Roemehl Dewey as her guests,

Still others bringing guests were Karen Gandy with Jennifer Carlisle, Lynn Brannnan with Barbara Kimball, Mary Smith with Donna Jerz, Mary Russell with Beverly Stroud, Virginia Hosea with Carrie Lee and Mary Ellen Vail, and Bridgid McVaugh, who had Cornelia Kiessling as her guest.

Retired Johnson Space Center Director Mike Coats, center, gets a warm welcome from Rotary President Ralph Kramer and Rotarians Kippy Caraway, far left, and Mary Alys Cherry as he arrives at Bay Oaks Country Club to address the club.

Space Center Rotary off to a lively start

SPACE CENTER ROTARY is off to a great start to its new club year with two well known speakers and a new set of officers.

Banker Ralph Kramer is the club’s new president, following aerospace executive Daryl Smith, who passed the gavel at the beginning of the new Rotary year. Other officers are President-elect Nancy Anderson, Secretary Michael Porterfield, Treasurer Raymond Moore and Sgt.-at-Arms Michael Thomas.

Mike Coats, the retired Johnson Space Center director, was the first to address the Rotarians as they began a new year, marveling at all the work done by astronauts and cosmonauts on the International Space Station. “What’s fascinating are the long stays in space,” he said.

“There is a tremendous amount of research done on the space station. At any one time, astronauts are conducting 150 different experiments,” he said, noting that the ISS had been designated a national laboratory by Congress.

Before Harvey, we were all enjoying life. Here, Bay Oaks Country Club General Manager Stephen Morris, second from the left, welcomes, from left, Yvonne Perrin, Perry Laabs, Zack Seiberling and Megan Napoli to the Margaritaville new member mixer the club hosted during the summer.

But while he is fascinated with the work on the ISS, he was equally frustrated at all we have to pay the Russians to carry astronauts into space – “$80 million a flight. Half a billion a year!” And, he added, “I’m excited that next year sometime we’ll have two spacecraft flying (from the U.S.) at a cost of about $200,000 per flight to the ISS.” He also expressed hope the Space Council, revived by President Trump, will provide a clear direction for NASA.

Santiago Mendoza, the senior vice president of Bay Area Regional Medical Center, brought the Rotarians back to Earth the next week as he described the hospital’s work and accomplishments as it focuses on healness and wellness, and continues to expand and grow.

After giving a rundown of the hospital’s various attributes – 191 beds, 8 operating suites, 4 cardiac cath labs, a full service emergency room, 23 treatment rooms, 4 trauma rooms, plus a new women’s center, he pointed out that its just-opened Heart and Vascular Center is one of only five in Texas, and it recently was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in Surgery.

And soon, he told the crowd, the new Women’s Center will start delivering “little miracles, providing exceptional care for both moms and babies with a family centered approach.” And for those with weight problems, the hospital has the Metabolic Weight Loss Institute

Clear Lake Chatter: Variety of events get social season underway

October 1st, 2016

Clear Lake Area Panhellenic President Jill Reason, right, and hostess Cathy Osoria prepare to welcome the crowd to the Fall Friendship Tea.

Clear Lake Area Panhellenic President Jill Reason, right, and hostess Cathy Osoria prepare to welcome the crowd to the Fall Friendship Tea.

BAY AREA social calendars are filling up fast these days with Clear Lake Area Panhellenic and Houston Symphony League Bay Area kicking off the season with their annual welcome parties.

Clear Lake Panhellenic members filled Cathy Osaria’s Bay Oaks home to overflowing for their annual Fall Friendship Tea – catching up on each other’s news and planning the year ahead after a warm welcome from President Jill Reason and Chairman Jo Nell Hunter.

Looking over the crowd, you probably would have spotted Karen Weber, Michelle Richardson, Kelsey Richardson, Ondi Lyon, Jo Cat Bruce, Lisa O’Brian, Ruth Beecher, Emmeline Dodd, Sue Broughton, Sue Ellen Jennings, Holly Williamson and Kay Lee Benoit among the early arrivals.

Wasn’t long before they were joined by Belva Dewey, here from Baton Rouge, Diane Overman, Ann Gay, Laurie Vaughn, Judie Ferguson, Ellen King, Annette Dwyer, Darla McKitrick and dozens and dozens more.

Tracey Webb, dressed up as a jockey, even brought her son’s small horse to add to the merriment.

One of the afternoon’s highlights came as Fall Fashion Show Chairman D’Lisa Johnston announced the Kentucky Derby theme for Panhellenic’s big luncheon Friday, Nov. 4 at South Shore Harbour Resort. Instead of the Run for the Roses, it will be the “32nd annual Run for Scholarships,” as profits from the event provide scholarships for area graduates and funds to help local students attending Girls State.

To date, Panhellenic has provided scholarships totaling more than $500,000 with profits from its events.

There were smiles aplenty as the Houston Symphony League Bay Area hosted its annual Wine and Cheese Party, including those of Gillian Ford, Sallie Watts, Liana Russell, Cindy Kuenneke, Sisbee Winburne and Darlene Clark, from left, as they lined up for refreshments.

There were smiles aplenty as the Houston Symphony League Bay Area hosted its annual Wine and Cheese Party, including those of Gillian Ford, Sallie Watts, Liana Russell, Cindy Kuenneke, Sisbee Winburne and Darlene Clark, from left, as they lined up for refreshments.

Symphony League draws big crowd
HOUSTON SYMPHONY League Bay Area members launched the 2016-17 season with their annual Wine and Cheese Party to welcome new and prospective members.

Hostess Angie Weinman wore a big, warm smile as she joined Chairman Carolyn Murphy in greeting the arriving crowd that included Mary Ann Shallberg, Gillian Ford, Sallie Watts, Liana Russell, Cindy Kuenneke, Sisbee Winburne and Darlene Clark.

Dr. Patrick McKinney was there, chatting with President Mary Voigt and Vice President Jim Moore and his wife, Aggie, at the Weinmans’ Bay Oaks home in Clear Lake.

Looking around, you might also have spotted Pat Biddle, Carol Wilson, Sandra Strickhouser and Martha McWilliam, to name a few.

RNASA President Rodolfo Gonzalez, left, presents Mark Wright a check for $11,500 for the Texas Aerospace Scholars Program during Appreciation Dinner.

RNASA President Rodolfo Gonzalez, left, presents Mark Wright a check for $11,500 for the Texas Aerospace Scholars Program during Appreciation Dinner.

RNASA celebrates another success
THE ROTARY National Award for Space Achievement Foundation celebrated another successful Space Gala with RNASA President Rodolfo Gonzalez presenting a check for $11,500 to Mark Wright for the Texas Aerospace Scholars Program at its annual Appreciation Dinner at Landry’s Seafood Restaurant in Kemah.

Another $10,000 from the gala profits was presented to the Caltech Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships Program in the name of this year’s gala honoree, Dr. Charles Elachi.

“I’m delighted that RNASA is making a generous donation on my behalf to the Research Fellowship Program, which enables a new generation of space explorers to work on research projects with seasoned mentors,” said Elachi, who recently retired as director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and is professor emeritus at Caltech.

Special guests included retired Johnson Space Center Director Mike Coats, Lorna Onizuka of the Challenger family, retired Rockwell President Dr. Glynn Lunney and his wife, Marilyn, and former RNASA President Floyd Bennett and his wife, Carolyn.

Some of the others joining them in the celebration were Vivian and Geoff Atwater, Lauran Rochon, Karen and Gary Johnson, Debbie and Tim Kropp, Jordis and Bob Wren, Kippy Caraway, Delia Stephens, Susan and Bill Taylor, Frank Perez and Priscilla Ennis, Jean Walker and Mark Hollis.

Fashion Show Chairman Karen Reed, right, receives congratulations from Bay Area Women’s Association President Jodie Schnabel on another successful event.

Fashion Show Chairman Karen Reed, right, receives congratulations from Bay Area Women’s Association President Jodie Schnabel on another successful event.

Fashions for fall on BOWA’s radar
BAY OAKS Women’s Association members were out in force the other day when BOWA kicked off the season with its popular Fall Fashion Show, featuring the latest styles from Sandy Carney’s The Clotheshorse in League City.

Rest assured, she did not disappoint, sending Angela Bivens, Mary Colombo, Susan Franklin, Tencha Heimlich, Sue Ellen Jennings, Elaine Rister, Jodi Schnabel, Amy Schweers, Dee Wolfe and Cindy Zook down the runway in an array of beautiful outfits.

Much to the delight of Jackie Daley, Sandy Lantz, Ann Brady, Eileen Hult, Yvonne Perrin, Carlene Langford, Glenna Crist,  Norma Ogletree, Ruth Beecher, Joan Wade, Mary Smith, Traci Dvorak, Judie Ferguson, Janice Gornto, Kathy Costanza and Chairman Karen Reed.

They were among dozens who oo’d and aa’d including Pam Ploss, Emmeline Dodd, Carol Bobo, Gloria Wong, Rita Armstrong, Angela Swint, Tencha Heimlich, Priss Fletcher, Ann Dooley, Sue Broughton, Janet Greenwood, Sarita Singh, Sharon Phelps, Diane Konick, Georgia Piwonka and Rebecca Richey.

Clear Lake Chatter: Rotary Space Gala marks 30th anniversary

June 1st, 2016

Space Trophy winner Dr. Charles Elachi and his wife, Valerie, left, receive congratulations from Texas Congressman John Culberson as they arrive at the Hyatt Regency for the Rotary Space Gala.

Space Trophy winner Dr. Charles Elachi and his wife, Valerie, left, receive congratulations from Texas Congressman John Culberson as they arrive at the Hyatt Regency for the Rotary Space Gala.

THE CRÈME de la crème of the space and business community was out in force as the Rotary National Space Award Foundation honored Dr. Charles Elachi, the long-time director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which has given America so many thrills with its work on Mars and the robotic exploration of space.

Most considered it quite an honor themselves to be on hand when he was presented the 2016 National Space Trophy at the 30th annual RNASA Space Awards Gala in the Downtown Hyatt Regency Hotel Ballroom for his 15 years as head of the NASA center on the west coast, overseeing the journeys of Mars Spirit, Phoenix, Opportunity and, of course, Rover.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden flew down from Washington to make the presentation, stopping to visit with former Space Trophy winners Mike Coats, Col. Eileen Collins, Michael Griffin, Glynn Lunney, Gen. Thomas Stafford, Tommy Holloway, Bill Gerstenmaier and Col. Robert Cabana as he made his way through the crowd.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and his wife, Jackie, left, visit with Dr. Jeffrey Davis, JSC human health director, as they await the start of the Rotary Space Gala.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and his wife, Jackie, left, visit with Dr. Jeffrey Davis, JSC human health director, as they await the start of the Rotary Space Gala.

Along with many top executives of the space industry – Glenn Center Director Dr. Janet Kavandi, new Space Center Houston CEO William Harris, Lon Miller of Jacobs, John Elbon of Boeing; Wanda Sigur of Lockheed Martin, Robbie McAfoos, Barrios Technology; Mike Bloomfield, Oceaneering; Dr. Harry Miller, Cimmaron; Genie Bopp and Jim Kukla, Wyle; Pete Cova, Rocketdyne; Jessica Jenson, SpaceX; Jorge Hernandez and Jayant Ramakrishnan, Bastion Technologies; Tim and Debbie Kropp, MRI Technologies; Sam and Dr. Charlise Gunderson, Blue Origin; David Cates, MEI Technologies; Mark Sirangelo, Sierra Nevada; and Frank Culbertson and Frank DeMauro, Orbital ATK – many with their spouses.

Just back from space, Scott Kelly joined a number of current and former astronauts in the celebration, including Johnson Space Center Director Dr. Ellen Ochoa, Capt. Dan Brandenstein, Rick Hieb, Rex Walheim, Clay Anderson, Dr. Joe Kerwin, Dr. Donald Pettit, Dr. Megan McArthur, Scott Altman, Dr. Karen Nygren, Col. Robert Behnken, Michael Fossum, Stephanie Wilson, Richard Mastracchio, Gregory Johnson and Col. Douglas Hurley and dozens of nominees for the Stellar Awards for the welcome by RNASA Chairman Rodolfo Gonzalez.

Rotarians helping him welcome the massive crowd included President John Branch, President-elect Darryl Smith, Mike Hernandez, Scott Rainey, Dr. Jean Walker, Delia Stephens, Dr. Ted Cummings, Marilyn Musial, Dr. Vissett Sun, Bill Taylor, Kippy Caraway,  George Atwater, Mike Porterfield, Gary Johnson, Bob Wren and Rich Jackson.

Others you might have spotted included Annette and Dr. Charles Stegemoeller, Jeff and Mengo Carr, Arnie and Eleanor Aldrich, Irene Chan, Bernard and Debbie Roan, Mark Carreau, Priscilla Ennis, Frank Perez, Joyce Abbey, Wendell and Pat Wilson, Neil Hutchison and Mark Craig.

Carole Murphy, left, the 2016 Silver Tea honoree, arrives for the annual event at Bay Area Museum with her daughter, Pam Vining.

Carole Murphy, left, the 2016 Silver Tea honoree, arrives for the annual event at Bay Area Museum with her daughter, Pam Vining.

Silver Tea honors Carole Murphy
LONG-TIME member and Past President of the Bay Area Museum Guild Carole Murphy was honored “for her dedicated service to Bay Area Museum” at the Guild’s 2016 Silver Tea.

Carole, who came with her daughter, Pam Vining, is a former vice president of the Museum Guild and served as president two terms, from 2011 through 2013. She is also a former president of the Houston Symphony League Bay Area, and while president, brought the two organizations together for an evening each year for Music at the Museum, with the Symphony League providing the music.

Silver Tea Chairmen Missy Rorrer, Susan Barton and Jana Miller were on hand to welcome the arriving crowd, which included the Lunar Rendezvous princesses and lieutenants and their parents, plus dozens of Museum Guild members and their spouses – all eager to sample the array of hors d’oeuvres and sweets stretched out before them.

BOWA officers keeping busy
IT MAY BE Summer, but Bay Oaks Women’s Association officers are busy these days assisting President Jodi Schnabel in planning their fall schedule, which includes the annual gala, the holiday market, and fall fashion show.

Among those lending a hand are Vice Presidents Karen Reed and Cindy Villareal, Secretary Chris Howland and Treasurer Allyson Jackson.

Plus a number of committee chairmen — Angela Bivens, who’s overseeing the gala; Jennifer Simmons, who’s chairman of the holiday market; and Susan Franklin, communications.

Other chairmen include Amy Roppola, registration; Sharon Dillard, membership chairman; Sue Broughton, advisor to the president; and Cindy Zook, hospitality chairman and historian.

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