Get fit with Blaine in 2021

December 31st, 2020

By Blaine Ochoa

Every day is a gift and new beginning, the start of new decisions and opportunities. The beginning of a new year is liberating, exciting, and is often a motivating force behind going after goals. I hope 2021 is the fresh start you need to push yourself to greater heights and a better you; whether that may be pursuing dreams, starting a new career path, or living a healthier lifestyle. One of my personal goals this year is getting in the best shape that I can and continue to live a healthy lifestyle. I love trying and incorporating new workouts into my routine. These are my five favorite places to get fit in Houston!

9 Round Houston Galleria

I recently started going to 9 Round Houston Galleria because I wanted to improve my kickboxing skills and get back in shape. Needless to say, I absolutely love it and I’m hooked! I’m seeing incredible physical results, including weight loss, muscle definition, and improved skills. 9Round provides a 30 minute high intensity kickboxing and weight training circuit style workout. A new circuit begins every 3 minutes making it accessible for busy clients on the go. 9 Round Houston Galleria location is owned and operated by the beautiful boss babe and fitness expert, Crystal Saldivar. Go to and view the Houston Galleria location tab to schedule a workout!

LJ Performance Training

This spacious and top notch gym facility is owned by Leo Johnson. LJ Performance Training offers athletic training, semi private training, and personal training. The atmosphere at LJ’s is inviting and refreshing, and you will also see some of the top athletes from around the United Stated and Houston coming in to train at LJ’s. Leo is someone who encourages and inspires you to conquer your goals and specializes in individual performance training. Leo helped me get in incredible shape while preparing for my Miss Houston USA swimsuit competition in 2019. Visit to find out more information!

Method Pilates

Houston’s premier pilates studio, Method Pilates is owned by the beautiful entrepreneur and Pilates lover, Ashton Verrengia. The studio is chic and has a vibe like no other. Whether you’re just starting out or a pilates veteran, you’ll love Method’s classes. Method Pilates 50-minute reformer workouts will define your core, sculpt your muscles, and improve your posture and flexibility. Move to the music with an upbeat playlist, and find a class that fits your vibe. From Restore and Stretch to Butts Tight AF, there is something for everyone. Visit to sign up for a class!

Sweat 1000

SWEAT stands for Specialized Weight Endurance Athletic Training. Owned by Ana Barron and Jordan Strouse, SWEAT offers intense and challenging full body workouts, sure to help you get in incredible shape. SWEAT integrates the components of interval training, functional training, core stability work, athletic training, and agility training. SWEAT is a 50 minute dynamic class that is different every single time. The instructors are amazing, and they will push you physically and mentally to help you achieve your fitness goals. Visit to book your workout!


Khango is a workout like no other in the city. The brand new recently opened gym facility has state of the art equipment that caters to the everyday workout warrior, mid life male, the house wife and even some of the top athletes in the world. The branding and wall art is a view in and of itself. It’s an atmosphere from the moment you walk in, combined with cleanliness and high class all in one. Khango is owned by Dose Khango. He is an incredible trainer who will push you to the limit and help you dominate your fitness goals. Visit to schedule a session!

I hope the new year inspires you to let go of the old and continue to move forward with power and confidence. I highly recommend all of these workout facilities, each is unique and one of a kind and will help you achieve your fitness goals in 2021. Happy New Year!!

Love, Blaine

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