Space Center Houston presenting world premiere of ‘Be the Astronaut’

betheastroSpace Center Houston’s immersive new exhibit takes visitors on a journey to the Moon, Mars, asteroids, Jupiter and beyond in the world premiere of “Be the Astronaut,” sponsored by the City of Webster through Jan. 3.

In “Be the Astronaut,” produced by Eureka Exhibits, visitors will learn how an astronaut trains for a deep space mission, drives a rover, uses a robotic arm, plans a mission in two dimensions and flies it in three dimensions.

The exhibit features two talking robots with which visitors can interact with and watch as they move throughout the exhibit.

Exclusively at Space Center Houston, visitors will see NASA artifacts that illustrate the technology that is being developed for future missions at NASA Johnson Space Center.

“The fall exhibit explores the solar system using interactive technology designed to inspire the next generation of explorers,” said Richard E. Allen Jr., president and CEO of the nonprofit, educationally focused space museum. “Visitors will control the action for a simulated rocket launch, pilot a spaceship, and have fun playing with hands-on technologies that make you think about the science behind deep space exploration.”

For the first time, visitors will land on multiple worlds and navigate a mission using simulations derived from NASA’s Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter space probe data. NASA’s Orion program plans to go farther into space than ever before. The fall exhibit gives visitors an up-close look at deep-space exploration and why it’s important to discover new worlds and push the boundaries.

The next landmark event at the nonprofit is the opening of the shuttle carrier aircraft and shuttle replica exhibit complex, “Independence Plaza.” Now under construction, the new complex will be the only one of its kind with educational displays focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Space Center Houston tickets range from $18.95 for children to $23.95 for adults with discounts for seniors and active military, or save $3 and skip the ticket lines by buying online. Purchase a Space Center Houston membership for as little as $26.95 and return free as often as you like during the year with free parking, special events and much more.

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