Shine brighter this Christmas

Photographer: Larry Fagala, MUA: Alluring Complextions

By Blaine Ochoa

The holiday season is my favorite time of the year, especially Christmas. I love the holiday parties, the music, festive food, the lights and decorations, presents and family time. The Christmas season has a way of bringing people together and helping us remember the more important things in life. I feel that the holidays bring a sense of love, joy and hope to people. During the holidays I love to add a little more glam to my makeup look. I incorporate a few different products into my beauty routine to help me shine a little brighter during this special time of the year.

Here are a few beauty tips and tricks to help you shine brighter this holiday season!


My go to makeup look for the holidays includes adding a fabulous red lip stick or deep berry color to really make my lips pop. I add a clear shimmery gloss on top to make my lips shine. However, before I put on my lipstick and gloss I often use Misty Rockwell Cosmetics, Melon Sugar Lip Scrub. It cleanses and detoxes your lips, while leaving them smooth and hydrated. Doing this before helps give your lipstick a flawless finish. Another product I cannot live without is, Chest 3D White Multi-Care Whitening mouthwash. I rinse my mouth twice daily for about a minute each time, and it keeps my teeth staying white and healthy, I highly recommend.


For my eyes, I love adding more sparkle and shimmery eyeshadow colors during the holidays. With or without eyeliner, having a sparkly well applied eyeshadow can be a really fun way to highlight your eyes. I even go to the extent of adding rhinestones on top of my faux lashes. A celebrity makeup artist friend of mine, Aubrie Layne, introduced this technique to me and I think it is so perfect for the holidays!

Photographer: Grant Foto, MUA: Kiss and Makeup Houston


To keep my skin in check throughout the holidays, I use a few different products to give my skin a natural healthy glow. If you are going to show your legs or arms, (most of us will be due to our lovely Houston heat) I recommend using a self tanner, Soleil Organics is still my favorite go-to at home self tanner. It is organic, contains antioxidants, and smells wonderful. I also use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist to spray on top. Be sure to spray this on your legs about 30 minutes before you leave the house, you will be amazed at how great your legs look! It is lightweight, non-greasy and leaves your legs looking extremely smooth and shiny.


When styling your hair, I recommend using Unite Max Control Spray Strong Hold Hairspray. This is my favorite hairspray because it holds your hair in place, while also allowing your hair to be brush-able, and it smells wonderful! My to go shampoo and conditioner is Matrix Total Results Length and Goals, developed with Bellami. I also suggest changing up your hair style during the holidays. If you tend to wear your hair straight more often, go with a curly or soft wavy look and vise versa. It can be fun and refreshing changing up your look and devoting more time to making yourself feel and look beautiful. Healthy self love is important and needs to be exercised both mentally and physically.

I pray that you feel beautiful and shine bright this holiday season and I hope you all try some of my special beauty tips and tricks! This Christmas, I pray we learn to forgive and let go. I pray we have hope for the future. I pray we have faith and never loose it. I pray that we give more than we take. I pray we love one another and cherish the precious time we have with loved ones. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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