Sawa Restaurant & Grill offers fresh Mediterranean cuisine

By Sumer Dene

Sawa Restaurant & Grill is an international blend of the most authentic Mediterranean cuisine. This establishment is a proud, cultural, independent restaurant family-owned by Abdul Ghonym. The word Sawa means “Equal,” and “Together.” People join together at Sawa Restaurant & Grill to share memories and fresh, delectable cuisine. “I fell in love with Clear Lake because of NASA and the thriving community. I love Clear Lake for its diversity and the expanding market for healthy food and international flavor.” says Abdul.

The food to table is fast and the flavors are tantalizing. Each meal is served with a hot cup of mint or sage tea, depending on the season. All dishes are prepared with the highest quality. For starters try the delicious hand-chopped salads. The Lentil Soup is perfectly spiced, the Hummus is rich and creamy, the Baba Ghannouj is mild and smoky, the Falafel is cooked to perfection, and the fresh baked Baklava is simply delightful. Make sure to try the authentic Ma’amoul cookies that utilize the fresh nuts and fruits of the land. Olive Oil, the main ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, is imported from the West Bank at Abdul’s family-owned farm. For the finale enjoy a refreshing Mint Lemonade Smoothie. The vegan Ciku Stir Fry contains almonds, walnuts, and raisins on a bed of rice served with onions, bell peppers, and aromatic spices. The Mnazali is a savory mix of onions, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, and layers of eggplant doused in delicious spices.

Come to Sawa Restaurant & Grill for excellent healthy and vegan cuisine, reasonable prices, and staff that treats you like family. Sawa allows you to experience Middle Eastern culture at its finest. “I love when people smile because they like what I prepared for them. Our cuisine is full of choices because it is made from authentic mediterranean ingredients the land has given us. I cater to a community for better and healthier living.” States Abdul. For customer preference each entree is properly marked dairy free, gluten free, or vegan. Sawa Restaurant & Grill serves universities, hospitals, doctors offices, and fitness centers. All NASA and aerospace contract workers receive a 15 percent discount, so for a real authentic mediterranean treat, try Sawa Restaurant & Grill located at 16608 El Camino Real Houston, TX 77062. Look forward to new additions on their menu and a whole new experience of Mediterranean cuisine. Order to go at 281-990-0817 or visit their website at


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