Sail Away To Sisterhood with Author Deborah Olson

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Connect, Reflect, and Rejoice in the Healing Power of Girlfriends!

Small-Group Sessions with Author and Women’s Health Specialist, Deborah Olson

Author Deborah Olson has created a fantastic itinerary of mixers, talks and group meet-ups. Each activity is designed to help strengthen the bond with your girlfriends both on the boat and back home, as well as rediscover your own power, and how to harness it for good!

Grab your Girlfriends and Come Sail Away:

  • Learn how to deal with toxic friends and drama queen friends, while learning how to find the real and true friendships we all crave and need
  • Understand the different levels and commitment in our female friendships as we explore the OLSON FRIENDSHIP FRAMEWORK
  • Share ideas on how to make new friends at any stage and age
  • Focus on the building blocks in our friendships and how each sets the groundwork for the pinnacle level of INTIMACY
  • Start 2020 with a restored mission and purpose
  • Bond with your bestie with exciting excursions in Mexico, Jamaica and Grand Cayman
  • Celebrate the amazing female friendships that we have in our lives and how much richer our world is because of them!

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