Rodeo Fashion

Photography by Mary Alys Cherry

Photography by Mary Alys Cherry

By Haleigh Tieken

It’s that time of year again and by that I mean rodeo season.  Time to stock up on your boots, fringe, and blinged out belt buckles ladies. Rodeo fashion is always a topic of conversation in Texas once March rolls around, and lucky for you this article has all the insight on the latest trends this season.

Suede is very in this year.  There’s so many options to choose from, whether it be a suede skirt or a suede top, the selection is endless.  You can pair suede with denim for a neutral look and spice it up with some turquoise jewelry or a colorful undershirt or pair of boots.  Vests are another popular add on this year. Many stores are coming out with fringe vests in all colors that will make you stand out at the rodeo for your fashion forward ensemble.

Bay Area Houston Magazine's Debbie Salisbury

Bay Area Houston Magazine’s Debbie Salisbury

If you want to go for the fringe look, there are many different pieces of apparel you can choose from. Of course there are shirts with fringe, along with jackets, but a real unique and fun look are fringe cowboy boots. They complete any outfit that you may feel is too plain or too neutral by adding a fun and flirty vibe to an old classic.

As far as bottoms go, wide leg jeans and colorful bell bottoms are becoming more and more of an iconic fashion piece. You can pair wide leg jeans with booties and a colorful blouse if you’re trying to channel more of a hipster rodeo look.  Also printed wide leg pants can be paired with just a white lace blouse and dressed up with a trio of necklaces.

This rodeo season allows you to personalize the trends according to your own sense of fashion. There’s a variety of fun fashion to choose from and a variety of different looks as well — the choice is yours.

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