Rhythms on the Bay: Wood and Wind

Wood and Wind play at T-Bone Tom’s.

By Patty Andrew

Hear a saxophone sighing on the Kemah Breeze with guitar chords springing out of nowhere?  Then, you are listening to Wood and Wind.

Wood and Wind, aka Steve and Bobbie Revak, have been thrilling audiences in the Clear Lake Area for years with their unique combination of powerful voice (Bobbie – Wind), mesmerizing saxophone (Bobbie – More Wind) and inventive guitar (Steve – Wood).  In December, they teamed up with the vibrant percussion of Steve “Sticks” David (Even More Wood) to warm up a chilly night at T-Bone Tom’s.

Bobbie Revak can sing the rind off an orange.  Her cutting vocals trumpet out in rock-n-roll ecstasy from the legendary Black Water to Whipping Post.  She hurls out multiple emotions by jumping from forceful to sultry in Love with One You’re With and follows up the seduction with Landslide.

Just when you think you can’t be surprised anymore, she pulls out one of her three saxophones (alto, tenor, soprano) and begins to play out freestyle and bluesy melodies to draw you in even closer.  The 4 horns (Ms. Revak also plays the flute) are band members in and of themselves, adding their resounding solos, often appearing before, in-between, or following Bobbie’s vocal renditions.  This was most evident as Bobbie beautifully and effortlessly switched between the vocal and the saxophone solos in Give Me One Reason to Stay Here, making us all want her to turn right back around.  Those just coming across Wood and Wind would be shocked to learn that Bobbie is self-taught saxophone player who has perfected her astonishing embouchure that stretches notes long into the night.

Steve Revak is a musician’s guitarist because he does more than just strum along; he creatively adds parts to what he is playing by recording then looping while he performs, giving everything new life and a true depth of enjoyment.  This night, his recorded bassy loop hit such a good groove that it allowed Sticks to go more freeform.  This gave the whole ensemble a new acclamation that we had not heard before from Wood and Wind.  Steve started out as a violinist when he was young before he continued his musical journey in the woodworks by learning how to play the acoustic guitar.  His commanding presence on the strings polishes the sound to provide their unique and intricate dance with wood and wind.

Ignoring the rumors that the Revaks have recently purchased a house in the Hill Country and are leaving Clear Lake, the congregation of Wood and Wind fans were all feelin’ good with Me and Bobby Magee, it was good enough for me.

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  1. Andrea deCento says:

    I’m sorry I missed this performance. Nobody brings it like Bobbi Revak!

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