Residents Encouraged to Take Steps Now to Prepare for Future Flooding Events

City providing tips and resources as part of Flood Awareness Week

It’s Flood Awareness Week in the State of Texas, and the City of League City wants residents to take steps now to prepare for any future flooding events. Most homes in League City are in or near a flood hazard area and, as such, can be at an increased risk of flooding. In addition, League City is susceptible to riverine and coastal flooding.

“One of the things we are encouraging residents to do now, before a future flooding event, is to register for SwiftReach, the city’s new emergency notification system,” said Director of Communications Sarah Greer Osborne. “Even if you have received emergency notifications from the city in the past, we need everyone to register at or download the SwiftReach Public 911 mobile app. Registration is quick, free of charge, and will ensure everyone in our city is notified via text or voice message when there is extreme weather, an extended utility outage, street closure, or other significant issue of public concern.

In addition, as part of Flood Awareness Week, the city’s website and social media channels will be providing tips as well as highlighting city resources and services that can mitigate flooding. They include:

  • Get a flood insurance policy. Basic homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage from floods. Ask your agent for details. Don’t delay – there is a 30-day waiting period before a policy takes effects.
  • Keep debris and trash out of the streams and ditches. It is illegal in League City to dump any type of debris into a stream or drainage ditch. Debris can become entangled in culverts and streambeds and impede drainage that can cause the flow of water to back up. Call the city’s Street and Storm Water Department at 281-554-1086 to report any dumping.
  • Don’t dump in the storm drains, as they drain to Galveston Bay. The city’s storm drains help maintain the natural functions of the floodplains by providing storage for flood waters and keeping water out of urbanized areas. Floodplains also improve water quality by filtering out impurities from runoff. These areas need to be kept clean to do their job.
  • City staff can provide advice on how to correct drainage issues and can provide you with information on grant opportunities to elevate your home. Call 281-554-1428 for more information or to request one-on-one site visits with the Floodplain Administrator.
  • Visit the city’s Engineering Department at 500 W. Walker to get flood-related information such as a Flood Insurance Rate Map, flood zone and floodway locations, past flooding data, and information on local drainage problems. Permit information and copies of elevation certificates can be requested from the Planning and Development Department, also located at 500 W. Walker



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