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Phil Sandlin

Precinct 8 Constable

The Real Deal  

by Betha Merit


Constable Phil Sandlin is already doing the job for which he will be running in the May 29 election for Harris County Precinct 8 Constable.  This year marks his 20th year with Precinct 8 where he has served in ever-increasing responsibilities within the department. 


Sandlin was appointed to Constable last June, at the recommendation of Precinct 8 Constable Bill Bailey, after Bailey’s retirement announcement.  Jack Morman, Precinct 2 Commissioner, presented that recommendation to the Harris County Commissioner’s Court and Sandlin was approved by a unanimous vote.


Sandlin is a people person.  He combines the rare quality of running a large organization effectively while seeing the individual person.  As Constable, Sandlin is the chief administrator for a department of 60 people; 46 are law enforcement officers.  Sandlin knows every employee at Precinct 8 by name, and also most of their spouses.  “If you treat employees well, and provide an atmosphere of fairness in the workplace, then people want to be there,” says Sandlin.

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