Patients Medical Center Ranks top in Southeast Houston Bay Area, High Overall in 2018 HCMS Physician’s Hospital Survey

CHI St. Luke’s Health—Patients Medical Center ranked as the top hospital in the southeast Houston Bay Area and 8th overall in the 2018 Harris County Medical Society
Physician’s Hospital Survey.

“Patients Medical Center continues to be a top hospital for physicians in the Houston area,” said Steven Foster, president of the facility. “Our focus on patient safety and quality, as well as our transparency with physicians and staff, make us a leading facility in the Houston market.”

The survey, administered by Endeavor Management, a management consulting firm, covered topics from quality of medical care; Hospital policies and administration; Medical staff issues; and Electronic Medical Records.

More than 2,330 physicians provided more than 3,900 inputs to the 2018 Harris County Medical Society Hospital Survey leading to statistically significant data on 24 Houston area hospitals.

The survey was designed to improve patient care at Houston area hospitals. Additionally, the collected information will identify best practices and opportunities for improvement at Houston area hospitals.

“One of the most important things you need to lead in health care is the willingness to listen to your physicians. It is our hope the results of the survey will encourage open dialogue to improve physician-hospital relationships which will ultimately improve patient care at Houston area hospitals,” Dr. George Santos, former HCMS president said.

Significant findings of the survey include:

  • Overall quality of medical care section was the highest among the four topics rated.
  • Hospitals within Systems had high and low scores, providing an opportunity to learn from each other.
  • Overall physician satisfaction was highest among specialized hospitals.
  • The results of the survey identified the issues which most affect physician satisfaction with the hospital are:

o Management actions that show patient safety is a top priority
o Prompt, accurate answers to physicians’ questions and feedback by hospital
o Adequate physician input into quality measures
o Opportunities to provide feedback on policies without retribution
o Administration respect for and willingness to collaborate with medical staff.

  • Overall quality scores were unchanged among the 22 hospitals reported in both 2018 and 2017.
  • Patient Safety and Reporting Medical Errors show the highest level of satisfaction among the attributes measured.
  • Measures for Quality of Medical Care and EMRs were like 2017 in all areas.
  • Medical Staff Issues showed increased scores for Frequency of Meetings and Physician Impact on Bylaws & Policies vs. the previous year.

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