Oral and Heart Health 3-12


Oral Health – Heart Health

"What is the Relationship?"

By J. Derek Tieken, D.D.S.


Periodontal disease is one of the of the most prevalent diseases of human kind.  The World Health Organization shows that periodontal disease affects more than 85% of adults.  Most adults do not follow adequate home care  but even for those who regularly brush and floss, they still have a problem with plaque control.  The fact is that there are more bacteria living in one person’s mouth than the number of people that live on earth.  Inflamed and unhealthy gums are diagnosed by a dentist or dental hygienist upon your dental visit.  They measure the pocket depth between the gum and the tooth.  Healthy gums do not look red or swollen, nor do they bleed.  If this exists in your mouth, know that your body is not healthy.

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