Only 2 of 7 Bay Area mayors to face opposition on May 9

mericanflagBy Mary Alys Cherry

Seven Bay Area mayoral seats are up for election May 9 but only two mayors have an opponent. And that is much the story in other elections. Little opposition.

Kemah Mayor Bob Cummins is being challenged by Mayor Pro-tem Carl Joiner, and Deer Park Mayor Jerry Mouton Jr.  has Jeff Pound as his opponent. That’s it. Mayors Vern Johnson of Clear Lake Shores, Robert White of El Lago, Kevin Holland of Friendswood, Louis Rigby of La Porte and Jon Keeney of Taylor Lake Village can relax and begin planning for their next term.

Webster, Pearland and Pasadena promise to have the liveliest elections with almost all their city council seats drawing opposition.

But El Lago, La Porte, Nassau Bay, Taylor Lake Village and Texas City voters can sleep in on Election Day as no council members are being challenged in the May election.  In Nassau Bay, Mayor Pro-tem David Braun, who was elected to Council Position 1, died before he could seek re-election. His wife, Angela, was appointed to fill his seat until the May election, at which time Harry Dollar will be elected to the seat.

No Seabrook candidates have opposition, but the electorate needs to cast their ballots for or against 20 proposed charter amendments. The same holds true for voters in Dickinson who will vote on a proposition on the reauthorization of the local sales and use tax “at the rate of one-fourth of one percent to continue providing revenue for maintenance and repair of municipal streets.”

Dickinson ISD and College of the Mainland Board of Trustees will not hold elections as candidates have no opposition. However, there is some in the Clear Creek ISD. Trustees Page Rander and Charles Pond will be re-elected while District 5 Trustee Dee Scott has chosen not to run again and James Jay Cunningham and Trent Dale Martin will vie for the seat. Only voters living in District 5 can vote in this election as the other CCISD elections have been decided.

And, if you want to be a part of it all and haven’t registered, the last day to register to vote in your city’s elections is April 9. Contact your county clerk’s office by email, phone or mail for a ballot and get it in by the April 9 deadline.

Early voting starts Monday, April 27, and ends Tuesday, May 5, in the office of each municipality’s city hall, in most cases. For hours, contact the city secretary in the town where you live. Some will post the hours on the city website.

Applications for ballots by mail – for seniors and the disabled – must be received by the close of business Thursday, April 30.

Elections in Houston – of which Clear Lake City is a part, and League City, will be in November.



Mayor: Vern Johnson (i)
Two At-Large seats
Al Burns (i)
Jan Bailey (i)
Ronnie Richards


Mayor: Jerry Mouton Jr. (i)
Jeff Pound
Pos. 1:  Sherry Garrison(i)
Pos. 2: Thane Harrison (i)
Shelley Stokes
Betty Lemley
Pos. 3: Chris Richey (i)
Gerald Cothran
Tommy Ginn


No seats up for election


Mayor: Robert White (i)
Pos. 1:  Robert Kumar-Misir
Pos. 2: Mitch Youts (i)


Mayor: Kevin Holland (i)
Pos. 1:  Steve Rockey (i)
Pos. 3: Jim Hill (i)


Mayor: Bob Cummins (i)
Carl Joiner
Pos. 2: Wanda Zimmer (i)
Cathy Bowen
Pos. 4: Robin Collins (i)
Pos. 5: Matthew Wiggins Jr.
Wayne Rast


Pos. 1:  Harry Dollar
Pos. 3: John Mahon (i)
Pos. 6: Jonathan Amdur (i)


Mayor: Louis Rigby (i)
Dist. 2: Chuck Engelken (i)
Dist. 3: Daryl Leonard (i)


Dist. A: Ornaldo Ybarra (i)
Keith Nielsen
Dist. B: Bruce Leamon (i)
Celestino Perez
Dist. C: Emilio Carmona
Sammy Casados
Dist. D: J.E. “Bear” Hebert
Pat Riley
Cody Ray Wheeler
Dist. E: Cary Bass
Larry Peacock
Dist. F: Jeff Wagner
Dist. G: Pat Van Houte
Steve Cote
Dist. H: Darrell Morrison
Oscar Del Toro
(Seats G and H are At-Large seats)


Pos. 2: Trent Perez
Quentin Wiltz
Derrick Reed
Adrian Hernandez
Pos. 4: Keith Ordeneaux (i)
Adrienne Bell


Pos. 1:  Robert Llorente (i)
Pos. 3: Gary Johnson (i)
Pos. 5: Glenna Adovasio


Mayor: Jon Keeney (i)
Pos. 2: Doug Blanchard (i)
Pos. 4: Einar Goerland (i)
Pos. 5: Robert Davee (i)


Pos. 1:  Diana Newland (i)
Jennifer Keller Keidt
Bill Jones
Pos. 2: Alexandra Dietrich (i)
Andrea G. Wilson
Pos. 4: Beverly Gaines
Floyd Myers


Dist. 4: Page Rander (i)
Dist. 5: James Jay

Trent Dale Martin
At-Large: Charles Pond (i)


Dist. 3: Fritzie Samford (i)
Dist. 4: Jeff Pittman (i)


Pos. 2: Alan Waters
Pos. 3: Kyle Dickson

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