One of the finest assisted living and memory care communities coming to Bay Area Houston

Being a caregiver in senior living is both an honor and a privilege, and something that The Shores Clear Lake truly believes.

This community is committed to offering seniors a full and vibrant life. So what does that mean to us, exactly?

The word vibrant means full of energy and enthusiasm, and vibrancy is the key to a fulfilled life. There are seven main components to a vibrant life. These factors are:

Inspiration – what this means to us is a deep sense of spirituality and feeding the soul.

Being well, intellectual stimulation and staying active – we want you to feel alive!

A challenge, we want to ignite competition and motivate you to help you learn to grow.

Be adventurous, explore, experience, and try new things.

Family, cherish connections and continue traditions.

Be social, embrace friendships, celebrate little things, talk, laugh, listen.

Be connected, engage in community outreach, share experiences and explore.

Many of the Culture Keepers are common phrases and terms used throughout life, but by adapting them into the DNA of our company, they are on the foremost of thought in all things.

Each component fosters an overall well-being of living.

The mentality in modern society that as soon as the kids are grown up and out, the career is complete, there raises questions about “What is my purpose, now?” We can help you remove that thought from your or your loved one’s head.

Each day brings a purpose, and each day brings vibrancy all on its own; so it’s time to choose your place in the earth’s natural vibrancy.
The goal of our company is “not to be the biggest, but to be the best in providing quality senior living,” CEO/CFO Collette Valentine says.

At The Shores, we encourage people to look beyond the pretty face of a building, and educate themselves on what kind of place is going to be caring for your family. It is important for you to know before choosing a retirement community for your loved one, that all are not created equal.

We encourage you to look to the professionals when making this kind of major life decision, just like you would look to a mechanic for your car, or to an insurance agent for insurance. You should understand what kind of a community it is that you are choosing, and know what they are licensed to do. Some communities that claim to be assisted living are only licensed to be a residential care home, and this is not the same thing.

Our community is licensed to aid your loved one with memory care for seniors with dementia. Care and understanding is extremely important for seniors with dementia. We put the time and energy into the comfort and understanding of your loved one’s situation, and strive to keep them in the best health possible.

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be extremely trying, and this can have a negative impact on your own health and quality of life. This is where The Shores Clear Lake can step in, and make your loved one feel at home with the assistance that they deserve.

Our mission every day should be “to optimize health and well-being by passionately promoting a vibrant life filled with joyful experiences, meaningful endeavors, and abundant opportunities to connect with family, friends and the local community.”

Independent living is not the same thing as assisted living. Independent living communities are basically apartment complexes for seniors, some of which offer activities and meals plans, but these places are not equipped to aid residents in specialized care needs. The leadership teams at these facilities are also not usually trained personnel that can help keep an eye on your loved one.

Keep in mind also, that price is not always directly comparable between communities; different places offer different things included into the monthly price, and different factors determine the rate charged. Many communities charge separately for care needs in order to help appropriately staff the place.

Each senior community has different ideals and philosophies, it is crucial for you to know what it is a company values before picking one. No two are going to be the same, so be sure to know what it is you need, and what it is that the community provides.

You should know what sets a specific community apart from the rest of them; what makes it different. Educate yourself on what they believe, why, and how they promise to uphold those beliefs for you and your family.

Many senior communities have different departments devoted to different parts of the community. This can help the team focus on the quality of life of the resident and help them maintain the highest level of service that they can provide. Unfortunately, the accountability in some of those departments may be lacking greatly. If the operations team is not held accountable for the service that should be provided, even the best salesperson around will mean nothing for the community.

The values of the Shores Clear Lake is that we do whatever it takes to assist our residents and their families. Taken from an instance from a book, called “Be The Go-Getter!” written by Peter B. Kyne, we refer to this as “The Blue Vase” approach. In the book, the owners challenged an employee to retrieve a blue vase, but they deliberately sabotaged his quest. The determined employee overcame all obstacles and barriers and retrieved the vase.
We train our team to be the go-getter, and do what it takes to meet the needs of residents. We are of the mindset that our team’s salary is paid by the residents living in our building.

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