Officials offer chamber a look at possible legislative issues


League City Regional Chamber President Steve Patterson, center, welcomes State Sen. Larry Taylor, right, and State Rep. Dr. Greg Bonnen.

By Mary Alys Cherry

League City Regional Chamber members got both a legislative update and a look at what their congressman is thinking when they gathered for their June 10 luncheon.

Both State Rep. Dr. Greg Bonnen and State Sen. Larry Taylor focused on the issues they think will be important during the next legislative session, which starts in January.

Dr. Bonnen thinks education will be No. 1 on everyone’s agenda with health and human services close behind as they work on the budget. Already legislators are holding hearings on several issues they expect to later vote on, he told the crowd at South Shore Harbour Resort.

“The money will be tight,” he expects, but doesn’t think they will be facing a huge deficit. “Personally, I think it will be a little of a challenge,” he said, adding that they will need to take inventory and give issues a more thorough look.
Senator Taylor, who is chairman of the Senate Education Committee, thinks we need “to move Texas education into the 21st century.” In other words, switch from a text book system to the newer technology. A textbook costs about $80, while a computer – which kids find far more exciting – can be purchased for $110. Schools need to appeal to all kids so they don’t drop out, he said.

“We have our challenges in Texas,” he added.

Rep. Weber, speaking to the crowd on video, offered his view on a number of subjects. He thinks the military, which he said is at a very low level, needs to be strong to fight ISIS and keep America safe, going on to slam the “Iranian Giveaway” as a colossal mistake. Also, he wants to reign in spending.

He likes the proposed Storm Protection System and wants to see it become a reality. “We want to protect our coast.”
In the coming months he hopes to see five things: (1) to keep America safe, (2) secure our border, (3) to provide energy security, (4) for the U.S. to be viewed as a world leader, and (5) America to be viewed as the world leader in space.

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