All-new Bronco Battles Wrangler In SUV Showdown

The four-door 2021 Bronco will have available removeable modular roof sections – left and right front panels, a full-width center panel and a rear section. Roof panels on both two- and four-door models can be easily removed by unlocking the latches from the interior to provide the largest overall open-top view in its class to take in the sunshine or to gaze at the stars at night.

By Don Armstrong

Ford Motor Company recently unveiled the highly anticipated Bronco SUV, much to everyone’s delight. But Jeep stole a bit of the excitement by teasing us with the 392-concept vehicle, a V-8 powered Wrangler that delivers 450-horsepower and 450-lb-ft of torque. Let the off-road war begin.

Ford Bronco

The 2021 Ford Bronco presents itself with a throwback design, a nod to the first generation of Ford’s sport utility introduced in 1965. It’s a cute, square, bundle of joy with removable doors and roof, along with a place to store them. Options abound and we can guarantee there will be thousands more factory and aftermarket customizing bits to make it uniquely yours.

The new Bronco is not merely another new vehicle from the blue oval, but a well thought out brand that will scratch every itch of Bronco mania, including Off-Roadeo, a set of outdoor adventure playgrounds located around the U.S.. Owners will be able to immerse themselves into the Bronco Nation lifestyle, along with an online meetup place where Bronco-ites can bathe in all-things Bronco.

There will be 3 models with either 2-doors or 4-doors equipped with either a 4 or 6-cylinder engine and a manual or automatic transmission. The Sport model is based on a crossover platform but maintains the “look” of the body-on-frame versions.

Pricing will begin at $29,995.

Jeep Wrangler

History plays a significant role in Wrangler heritage, but the factory folks aren’t about to let the rest of the world pass them by.

True off-road enthusiasts know that torque means everything in the ability to climb mountains and the Jeep Wrangler now has an optional torque monster under the hood, a 3.0-liter EcoDiesel that delivers 442-lb-ft of grunt. Fuel efficiency is pretty good too, 22-29 MPG.

The interior’s exposure to the elements can ruin a vehicle, but not the Wrangler, and being able to use a garden hose to wash out the footwells is unheard of in most liveries. Although lowering the windows from switches mounted in the center stack takes a little getting used to, it is a feature that allows it to be driven without wet worries.

The Jeep lifestyle is for those that like everything about automobilia, but there is nothing to compare with the Wrangler. Thousands of Jeep Clubs, weekly meetups, events, vacations, and aftermarket goodies are a testament to Jeeping.

Pricing starts at $28,295

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