Movie scenes filmed in Bay Area

By Mary A. Proctor

A must see movie with several scenes filmed right here in the Houston Bay Area by a Texas native. Bo Brinkman (made famous for his roles in the films Gettysburg and Gods and Generals”) wrote and directed the movie Last Man Club which is NOW available on Digital HD, DVD and most Cable/Satellite Platforms. Brinkman had major help from a former Bay Area resident and current Bay Area small business owner, Linda Pandolph.

Clipper House Inn was used in several scenes and the City of Kemah was gracious enough to allow the production crew to park behind T-bone Toms as their basecamp for a few scenes being shot in both the Kemah and the La Porte areas.

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Nassau Bay played a major role doubling as a VA hospital for Last Man Club spotlighting important movie scenes featuring the legendary Barry Corbin.

The principal cast, Including James MacKrell, Kate French, Morgan Sheppard and Richard Riehle all stayed for several days at the Nassau Bay Courtyard by Marriott, where many were recognized and Bay Area locals got the actors autographs and snapped photos.

Last Man Club is a heartwarming, All-American road trip adventure. To avoid a retirement home, a World War II veteran escapes to search for the last surviving members of his B-17 crew — for one final mission. As Eagle sets out to find his buddies, a beautiful young woman fleeing her gangster boyfriend becomes an unlikely accomplice. With the police, the mob and the FBI now in hot pursuit, it’s a race to fulfill what might be their greatest adventure!

The production plans to film another movie in this area soon and they have their eye set on Kemah as a prime location. “Houston, and in particular the Clear Lake Galveston Bay area, is a treasured community with so many diverse and interesting locations.

“The people are very friendly and there are a lot of excellent restaurants and retail establishments that will meet our production needs,” Executive Producer Linda Pandolph said. “We are very anxious to make another film in this area.”

Last Man Club honors veterans and has received 22 Film Festival Awards including nine for the best feature film. The principal cast members all won acting awards, and Bo Brinkman was awarded two Best Director trophies.

To download, rent or own Last Man Club, visit the website at

The DVD is currently available exclusively on the film’s website but will soon be available on Amazon to “one click” order.

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