Movers & Shakers: Lisa Holbrook

Name:  Lisa Holbrook

Occupation:  Texas PTA president

Hometown:  Lexington, Ky.

Current home:  Houston

Family:  Daughter Caitlin, age 27 and son, Travis, age 23

My favorite writer is:  Several who write great police procedurals

Someone I’d like to meet:  Harry S. Truman

If I could switch places with someone for just one day, I’d choose:  Susan Lucci, who played Erica Kane on All My Children.

My favorite performers are: Too many to name just one or two

I like to spend my leisure time:  Leisure time?  What’s that?  I do love a good book or a movie/television show that demonstrates the complexities of life in a compelling way

If I could travel any place, I’d go to:  Greece

My favorite meal is:  Anything Italian

As a youngster, I wanted to grow up to be:  A teacher

You’ll never catch me:  Camping in a tent except when it was for University of Kentucky basketball tickets when I was a student

The thing that bugs me the most is: People who are “know-it-alls”

My favorite movie is: Tie – It’s a Wonderful Life and Gone with the Wind

Few people know:  I have a software patent with the U.S. Attorney General’s office

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