Movers & Shakers: Dr. Warren R. Nichols, Jr.

Name: Dr. Warren R. Nichols, Jr.

Occupation: President, College of the Mainland

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Current home: Tiki Island

Family: Wife of 44 years, Chris Nichols.  Two sons, Warren Nichols 3rd, married to Heather Nichols, living in Albany, Georgia.  Second son is Gary Nichols, married to Heath Nichols, living in Gallatin, Tennessee.  Gary and Heath have provided us with 3 grandchildren; Wyatt, age 11, Wade, age 9, and Hannah, age 8.

My favorite writer is: Arthur Clark.  My passion for reading began with Science Fiction during my days in elementary school.

Someone I’d like to meet: Anyone who could help me improve my bay fishing.

If I could switch places with someone for just one day, I’d choose: One of my grandchildren.  What a wonderful experience that would be to see life through the eyes of a child.

My favorite performers are: Past performer would be Red Skelton.  Not only a comedic genius, but a talented artist of clowns.

I like to spend my leisure time: Fishing, reading, golfing, spending time with family.

If I could travel any place, I’d go to: The beaches of Normandy to acknowledge the honor, bravery, and sacrifices of those who fought for our liberty.  The Holy Lands would be a high second, but with the tension in the world today, that visit may never occur.  Visiting the ancient wonders of the world has a tremendous appeal to me as well.

My favorite meal is: Meat and potatoes were the staples of my youth, so chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and green beans is hard to beat.  I am also a sucker for beans and cornbread.

As a youngster, I wanted to grow up to be: A Helicopter pilot

You’ll never catch me: Riding roller coasters and Ferris Wheels.  Interesting that I enjoy flying, but hate losing my stomach on rides.

The thing that bugs me the most is: Procrastination and never finishing what you start.  I like to establish goals with timelines for completion.  Say what you are going to do, tell how you are going to do it, then do it.

My favorite movie is: My Fair Lady.  I enjoy the old musicals, but really like the idea of someone having the ability to become whatever they want, as long as they are willing to work hard to get there.

Few people know: In high school I was a member of the choir and performed in several high school plays.  I still have my Thespian card somewhere.

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