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10-1XMayorXRobertXWhiteName:   Robert K. White

Occupation:  CFO Petroleum Aircraft Group / mayor of EL Lago

Hometown:  Dallas

Current home: The amazing City of El Lago Texas

Family:  Wife; Julie Kramer White, chief engineer @NASA Orion; daughter, Cecelia White, 7th grader  LCIS, both amazing persons.

My favorite writer is:  Only choosing one author is as difficult as enjoying only one food.  There are so many that I love to read. My top ones are (at this phase of my life) Robert Heinlein for sci-fi, William Shakespeare for introspective adventures, and George Orwell, whose thoughts never gets old, and as I get older his writing’s become more insightful.

Someone I’d like to meet: William Shakespeare

My favorite performers are: My daughter, Cecelia White, and Bill Murray

I like to spend my leisure time:  Roasting my own coffee. It’s focusing and relaxing at the same time. Plus, I gain the benefits of great tasting coffee.

If I could travel any place, I’d go to: Back in time and have a long talk with my younger self!

My favorite meal is:  Lamb’s in Utah, Beef Stroganoff!

As a youngster, I wanted to grow up to be: A fighter pilot. Had bad eyes, couldn’t pass eye test. All for the best — if I passed, I would never have met my wife or had my daughter.

You’ll never catch me:  Watching golf!

The thing that bugs me the most is: Rudeness

My favorite movie is: Depends: they change as I age:  Young me Animal House and Monty Python’s The Holy Grail; Out of College me: Clockwork Orange and Apocalypse Now; Older me: Dr. Strangelove or how I learn to stop worrying and love the bomb and Singing-in-the Rain.

Few people know: I was the lead dancer in West Side Story in college.

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