Mayoral races finally decided in runoff voting

By Mary Alys Cherry

It ain’t over ‘till it’s over, is a famous saying, and it holds true for several May 6 Bay Area city elections. But now, after the June 10 runoff, it’s all over until the next time.

After runoffs in Pasadena and Pearland mayoral races, along with a few city council races, the top vote getters in May emerged victorious in June.
Tom Reid, the 91-year-old mayor of Pearland was re-elected over 36-year-old Quentin Wiltz while Pasadena City Councilman Jeff Wagner won out over banker John Moon Jr. in the race to replace Pasadena Mayor Johnny Isbell, who is term limited.

In city council runoffs, Pearland voters elected Woody Owens in his Pos. 7 race with Dalia Kasseb, and in Pasadena Felipe Villarreal defeated Daniel Vela in the District A race.

May 6 winners
Dickinson Mayor Julie Masters, with 59.53 percent of the vote, won re-election over contender Joe Wilburn, who received 40.47 percent of the vote in the May 6 voting.

Pearland ISD drew the most press attention when an 18-year-old Dawson High senior Mike Floyd won a seat on the board with 54 percent of the vote, defeating incumbent Rusty DeBorde while another incumbent, Trustee Pam Boegler, won re-election with 60 percent of the vote.

Over at Clear Creek ISD, its bond referendum won with 63.59 percent of the vote. Chris Reed, who was unopposed, won the Position 2 seat vacated by Trustee Win Weber, and Arturo Sanchez III won the Position 3 seat with 64.90 percent of the vote over long-time trustee, Ken Ballard.

In Pasadena ISD voting, Fred Roberts defeated Roel Saldivar for Position 1, Mariselle Quijano defeated Maria Duran for Position 2, Nelda Sullivan defeated Larry Savala for Position 3 and Jack Bailey defeated Jose Cavares for Position 4.

San Jacinto College District voters elected Erica Rouse over Rick Guerrero in a close vote for the Position 1 seat while Ruede Wheeler was unopposed in the Position 2 race.

Down at College of the Mainland, retired businessman Don Gartman took a seat as a new member on the College of the Mainland board of trustees after winning the May 6 election.

Other mayoral and city council winners:

Deer Park
Mayor Jerry Mouton (i)
Pos. 1 Sherry Garrison (i)
Pos. 2 Thane Harrison (i)
Pos. 3 Tommy Ginn (i)

Mayor Julie Masters (i)
Pos. 1 Charles Suderman (i)
Pos. 3 Walter Wilson (i)
Pos. 5  Louis J. Decker (i)

El Lago
Mayor Mark M. Briggs,
Pos. 1 Jeff Tave
Pos. 2 Jeff Michalak (i)

Pos. 2 Sally Harris Branson
Pos. 5 John Scott (i)

Mayor Jeff Wagner
Pos. A Felipe Villarreal
Pos. B Bruce Leamon
Pos. C Don Harrison
Pos. D Sammy Casados
Pos. E Cody Ray wheeler
Pos. F Phil Cayten
Pos. G Cary Bass
Pos. H Thomas Schoenbein

Mayor Tom Reid (i)
Pos. 3 Gary Moore
Pos. 5 J. David Little
Pos. 7 Woody Owens

Mayor Thom Kolupski
Pos. 2 Laura Davis
Pos. 4 Natalie Picha
Pos. 6 O.J. Miller (i)

Taylor Lake Village
Mayor Jon Kenney (i)
Pos. 2 Doug Blanchard (i)
Pos. 4 Einar Goerland (i)

Texas City
Mayor Matthew T. Doyle (i)
Dist. 1 Thelma Bowie (i)
Dist. 3 Dorthea L. Jones

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