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  1. Hi Ms. Cherry
    I was referred to you by Dr. Betsy Giusto, Economic Development Director for the city of Webster. My family and I are opening our 3rd restaurant in Webster, TX (https://www.txpitstopbbq.com/). We are looking for someone to do a sort of spotlight on 2 key employees that have a, sort of, following, our chef Jose Salgado is pretty popular in the Webster/Clear Lake area and our general manager, Larry Bates has his following as well, especially as a Mixologist in the area. I’d like to have an article on them telling their story and maybe how they have impacted the area. Allow them to tell their story in a meaningful and authentic way and let the community know about them. Do you do that or can you suggest someone that does?

    You may contact me with any questions or comments at 832-421-3499 or e-mail.

    • Brandon Rowan says:

      Hi Francisca! Thank you for reaching out – That sounds wonderful we would love to help you with this! We offer different options that would be a great way to highlight Jose and Larry. We could offer you a package deal with a fabulous Article in the magazine to highlight these 2 and talk about your new location opening up, as well as a live interview with both of them on The KELLY WILLIAMS Show! Please contact our office as soon as possible and ask for Shelly – we would love to visit with you about some wonderful opportunities we can offer you! 281-474-5875 or Since our office is closed until January 4, Shelly will be contacting you next week. We would love to help you promote in a big way – Happy New Year!

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