Many mayoral, council seats up for vote May 6

By Mary Alys Cherry

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s almost time to vote again with municipal elections scheduled Saturday, May 6 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Several school districts also have trustees up for election.

Below are most of the area candidates up for election. In some instances – Clear Lake Shores, Kemah, Nassau Bay and Webster – the cities have canceled their election as the candidates have no opposition. League City and Baytown will hold their elections in November.  Voting in most small cities will be at the voter’s city hall.

Most candidates for one post? Pasadena, where seven are in the race to replace term-limited Johnny Isbell as mayor. Second most is in Pearland, where six have their eyes on one council seat.

Clear Creek ISD Trustee Win Weber decided not to run again after several terms on the board. Her seat will be filled by former Nassau Bay City Manager Chris Reed, who drew no opposition after signing up to run for the seat. Trustee Ken Baliker, an energy company executive whose seat also is up for re-election, faces a challenge by energy company CEO Arturo Sanchez III.

CCISD voters also will decide a $487 million bond referendum.

Clear Creek ISD
Pos. 2 Chris Reed
Pos. 3  Ken Baliker
Arturo Sanchez III
Pasadena ISD
Pos. 1   Fred Roberts
Roel Saldivar
Pos. 2   Mariselle Quijano
Maria Vilma Duran
Pos. 3   Nelda R. Sullivan
Larry Savala
Pos. 4  Jack Bailey
Jóse A. Cázares

Pearland ISD
Pos. 1  Charles Gooden Jr.
Pos. 2  Rusty DeBorde
Mike Floyd
Pos. 3  Pam Boegler
Al Lloyd
Trevor Hale

Mayoral and city council seats either up for a vote or lacking in opposition are:

Clear Lake Shores
Mayor   Mike McNamara
Pos. 1    Christy Lyons
Pos. 3    Jan Bailey (i)

Deer Park
Mayor Jerry Mouton (i)
Eddie Dove
Bertty Lemley
Pos. 1 Sherry Garrison (i)
Pos. 2 Thane Harrison (i)
Pos. 3 Tommy Ginn (i)

Mayor Julie Masters (i)
Joe Wilburn
Pos. 1  Charles Suderman (i)
Pos. 3  Walter Wilson (i)
Pos. 5  Louis J. Decker (i)
Leo Bookman Jr.

El Lago
Mayor Ann Vernon
Mark M. Briffs,
John F. Shelton
Tim Rogan
Pos. 1  Jeff Tave
Darin “Boot” Clark
Pos. 2  Jeff Michalak (i)

Pos. 2 Sally Harris Branson
Omar Peck
Pos. 5 John Scott (i)
David O’Farrell

Mayor Carl Joiner (i)
Pos. 2  Wanda Zimmer (i)
Pos. 4  Robin Collins (i)

La Porte
Pos. 1  Danny Earp (i)
Pos. B  Chuck Rosa
Dottie Kaminski (i)
Pos. 6  Ron Newetner
Larry Stockham
Nancy Ojeda

Nassau Bay
Pos. 1  Don Matter
Pos. 3  John Mahon (i)
Pos. 5  Jonathan Amdur (i)

Mayor  Pat Van Haute
John (JR) Moon
Gilbert Pena
Robert Talton
Jeff Wagner
David Flores
Gloria Gallegos
Pos. A  Daniel Vela
Felipe Villarreal
Keith Nielson
Pos. B  Bruce Leamon
Steve Halvorson
Pos. C  Don Harrison
Pos. D  Sammy Casados
Pos. E  Cody Ray Wheeler
Pos. F  Phil Cayten
Larry W. Peacock
Pos. G Oscar Del Toro
Cary Bass
Allen Munz
Pos. H  Brad Hance
Thomas Schoenbein
Keith Sargent
April Lance

Mayor   Jimi Amos
Tom Reid (i)
Quentin Wiltz
Pos. 3   J. Darnell Jones
Gary Moore
Pos. 5   J. David Little
Jude T.A. Smith
Pos. 7  Bud Tollefsen
Sherry Stockwell
Woody Owens
G.C. Sonny Adkins
Dalia Kasseb
Terry Gray

Mayor  Kim Morrell
Thom Kolupski
Pos. 2   Laura Davis
Jared Kelly
Pos. 4   Natalie Picha
Pos. 6   O.J. Miller (i)

Taylor Lake Village
Mayor  Jon Kenney (i)
Pos. 2  Doug Blanchard (i)
Collin Leslie
Pos. 4  Einar Goerland (i)

Texas City
Mayor  Matthew T. Doyle (i)
Dist. 1  Thelma Bowie (i)
Johnny Hollowell
Dist. 2  Phil Roberts (i)
Dist. 3  Dorthea L. Jones
Darel Beene
Dist. 4  Jamie Clark (i)
At Large Dee Ann Haney (i)
Bruce Clawson (i)

Mayor  Donna Rogers (i)
Pos. 6   Martin Graves (i)

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